1 Powerful Tip for Retiring Earlier – With More Money

NOTE: I normally write about politics and economics, but I want to take a break to share something with you that has substantially impacted my life more than I was expecting.

Imagine being able to log into a simple website that showed you exactly what your net worth is, exactly how close you are to hitting your retirement and investment goals, helped you build and manage your budget, and gave you powerful tips to immediately get closer to retirement faster than you thought possible.

Good news – it does exist. And it’s changing retirement planning in the same way that email made it easier to send letters to your friends and family.

It’s called Personal Capital, it costs nothing to use, and you can set up your account in a couple of minutes. If you only read one thing today, make sure it’s this article. Feel free to print it out to read later if necessary.

What Is Personal Capital?

PersonalCapital.com is a revolutionary new website that takes all of your financial information and puts it in one spot. Using their VERY SIMPLE charts, graphs, and prediction models, you’ll finally be able to see how your finances are really doing.

Getting Started

The steps to getting started with Personal Capital are simple:

  1. Set up your FREE account and link it to your bank accounts and credit cards.
  2. You’re done! Sit back and see all your finances in one simple place.

It takes almost no time to get started. I set up an account myself in under 5 minutes.

9 Ways Personal Capital Can Help You:

1) Instantly see your REAL net worth.

Most people don’t realize how important “net worth” is when it comes to the financial decisions you make. That’s a big mistake most people are making right now.

Your net worth tells you exactly what your situation is – no guesswork involved. People who try to guess their net worth and “wing it” are the ones who die poorer than they should be.

If you don’t know your net worth right now, you’re flying blind and need a Personal Capital account.

That’s the power of Personal Capital. By reviewing your net worth often, the future becomes much more apparent and it will become clear exactly what your next step should be.

This is why the platform works so well. By letting you see what’s really going on, you’re able to make the right decisions you couldn’t make otherwise.

Financial knowledge is wealth-building power.

2) Track your REAL retirement progress.

Sometimes it can feel like you’re moving forward — even though you’re really just falling behind. Sometimes, people will think they’re getting closer to their retirement goals… while they’re actually less likely to retire.

Don’t fall into this trap. Use Personal Capital to run the calculations yourself and find out EXACTLY when you can actually retire.

It’s horrifying how few people do this — and how many later are shocked to find themselves unable to retire. You don’t have to be one of those people. Always pay close attention to your retirement plans. If you’re really serious about retiring, then you’ll put in the effort.

3) Use the insights to tweak your financial routine.

Success isn’t random — it’s planned.

That’s what makes Personal Capital so great. It’s the perfect platform for coming up with a daily savings plan and sticking to it. This alone is life-changing.

You’ll find out how much you need to save, what you need to invest it in, and what impact every little tweak will have on your life.

4) Prepare for the coming financial disaster.

There’s a financial disaster right around the corner. This is always true. By using Personal Capital, you’ll be able to build a plan to survive and even thrive when things go wrong.

Using Personal Capital, you’ll be able to better prepare. This is EXTREMELY important. Being prepared for a crisis is what will separate you from ignorant investors who will get wiped out.

Take ownership of your situation. While everyone else is enjoying the fruits of the present, you should be preparing for famines of tomorrow.

5) Set an automatic monthly budget – and see if you follow it.

The biggest problem most people have with budgeting is just remembering to budget to begin with. But with Personal Capital, you won’t have that problem.

Their platform lets you make your budgeting completely automatic so that you don’t have to stress out over it.

Less stress and more saving – It’s the perfect balance

6) Make sure your portfolio isn’t lopsided.

Are you making this investment mistake?

Most investors “invest too much” in certain assets and not enough in others. It’s complicated because almost nobody has the education necessary to know what assets are “overweight” in their investment portfolio.

This can lead to disaster when the price of that asset falls. To combat this problem, Personal Capital alerts you whenever you are over-invested in something.

This alone could help you retire years earlier.

7) Find hidden fees.

Did you know you’re probably paying thousands and thousands of dollars in hidden fees without realizing it?

Hidden fees are monsters. They can mean the difference between an early retirement or going broke. You should see them as one of your primary financial enemies.

Personal Capital will alert you when you’re paying too much in those hidden fees – and give you ideas for shifting to a lower fee alternative. This is a big deal. You should use Personal Capital for this alone.

8) Build your own automatic wealth-building machine.

The great financial temptation is to try to manually make every decision over and over with “discipline.” This almost never works.

Human beings are habitual creatures. Whatever is automatic and systemized is going to be done more efficiently and can work exponentially better.

Personal Capital can help you automate your budgeting, automate your saving, automate your investing, automate your planning, and automate your early and safer retirement.

I can’t recommend it strongly enough for this reason alone.

The key to success is to use successful systems.

Personal Capital should be your starting point.

Get Started TODAY:

You can retire earlier and safer than your friends and co-workers if you use Personal Capital.

If you’re already retired, you can see what the biggest dangers are lurking in the water for your retirement.

If there is one move everyone should try when it comes to building wealth and planning for the future, it’s this:

Create a free account with Personal Capital and just look at your overall situation.

After you sign up, make sure to contact me and I can send over some other useful tips and tricks. I look forward to talking with you further.

-Shaun Connell

PS: You don’t have to do everything right now. Just create the account right now – that’s the first step that takes about a minute or less.