DANIEL VAUGHAN: America produces miracles while China sits on a throne of lies

Technically speaking, the COVID-19 pandemic started sometime in the fall of 2019.

For most Americans, the pandemic’s real start began with President Trump shutting down travel in January 2020, and ramped up to full-force in March of last year, when the shutdowns started. In either case, we’ve been dealing with this novel virus for approximately a year now.

In response, the Trump administration began Operation Warp Speed (OWS), an initiative launched in the spring of 2020 with the goal of producing a vaccine to save the planet from the pandemic. The American press has continuously maligned OWS throughout the summer, fall, and winter. But all the negative media surrounding OWS is flat wrong.

Operation Warp Speed isn’t just a success; it’s the most triumphant modern medical marvel ever produced by a country or person in human history. We haven’t created only one vaccine; we’re actively vaccinating people with two separate vaccines. And the news this week: by spring, we could have four vaccines at our disposal.

The latest breakthrough comes from Johnson & Johnson, whose one-shot vaccine looks like a straight-up miracle cure. From their study:

Data demonstrated that, after a single vaccination, neutralizing antibodies against COVID-19 were detected in over 90 percent of study participants at Day 29 and 100 percent of participants aged 18-55 years at Day 57. These neutralizing antibodies remained stable through Day 71, currently the latest time-point available in this ongoing study, in all participants aged 18-55 years.

Think about that for a moment: after about two months, 100% of participants were immune to the virus. That is utterly astonishing.

Those study results should also explain why you should wear a mask for a while after getting the vaccine. You have to give your body time to build up an immune response.

And remember, that’s the third in a whole line of vaccines; Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson have all hit home-runs in attacking this virus. And they’ve done this all in under a year. Vaccine research often takes multiple years — sometimes decades — between securing funding and working through all the government approvals.

But these successes aren’t all. If Operation Warp Speed continues working its magic, we could have another vaccine by the spring or summer: the AstraZeneca vaccine.

That vaccine is currently in use in a few countries, including the United Kingdom, but the U.S. FDA put the brakes on it because they saw one study that showed only 62% effectiveness and some other concerning results. Everyone involved believes the issues will get cleared up, however.

After they remove those research and data concerns, it’s possible to have four vaccines ready to go from a single country, all attacking a global pandemic. I’ve written many times that American greatness is genuinely on display at this moment, creating literal miracle solutions in less than a year. We’re doing something that none of our ancestors could even dream or imagine.

It’s worth hitting these points repeatedly because the American media has thoroughly degraded itself by being pessimistic about every phase of this pandemic, unnecessarily so. According to Fortune, researchers on this have said:

The most striking fact…is that 91 percent of the U.S. stories are classified as negative whereas 54 percent of the non-U.S. stories are classified as negative. … Coverage is just as negative when new cases are declining as when they are increasing.

The coverage has been so negative some people have praised China as a model of attacking the novel coronavirus.

Anyone who praises China is either a moron or on the payroll of that evil, genocidal communist regime. Nothing about China’s COVID-19 response has worked.

China lied about the spread of the virus. They lied about their cases. They’ve unquestionably lied about the deaths associated with it. Only this past week did China admit they had their “first death” from COVID-19 in six months. That just so happened when the WHO was in the country investigating.

China’s protective medical gear failed in every country that got it. Governments had to start rejecting it. China’s COVID-19 tests failed in every country that received them. And now, we’ve learned that China has been lying about the effectiveness of its COVID-19 vaccine.

Oh yes, China has been developing a COVID-19 vaccine. Please don’t hold your breath on it working, though. Licking the doorknob of your local county health department is has better odds of giving you immunity than China’s vaccine.

China and the researchers it hand-picked to test their vaccine first claimed effectiveness levels as high as 78%. That turned out to be a lie, as the Wall Street Journal reports:

[A]fter rising pressure from Brazilian scientists, some of whom accused the trial’s organizers of misleading the public, [Brazil’s Butantan Institute] said Tuesday those rates only included volunteers who suffered mild to severe cases of Covid-19. When data from all volunteers was considered — including those who contracted “very mild” cases of Covid-19 and required no medical assistance — the total efficacy rate fell to 50.4%, Butantan said.

In any country reporting the better-looking efficacy outcomes, the Journal reports that “it isn’t clear how scientists there made their calculations.” Just as it isn’t clear how any single claim China has made in this pandemic makes sense.

People got reduced to saying 50% effectiveness — the minimum requirement to meet WHO requirements — is better than nothing. But why bother? The United States of America is over here cranking out four different vaccines, all with winning track records and the proof to back it up. 

If you ever doubt the greatness of America, look at this pandemic. Observe it, study it, and realize that in the heat of the moment, the Trump administration paved the way for multiple miracle cures, while China is lying about the only vaccine they could pretend they made.

American is great. China lies. That’s the message everyone should remember as we enter a post-COVID world.

American values won the day. China created the pandemic and couldn’t even develop useable masks to protect people. Remember that the next time anyone says China handled the pandemic better than America.