DANIEL VAUGHAN: Americans know Inflation Reduction Act is Garbage

Since signing the $700 billion spending bill that they renamed the Inflation Reduction Act, Democrats have hit the road to sell their governing vision. Midterm campaigning is beginning as the primary season officially wraps up and all politicians shift to the general election. The Democratic sales job on the Inflation Reduction Act has to be perfect because right now, no one believes them.

Democrats are fighting an uphill battle not just with swing voters and conservatives but within their coalition. National Public Radio (NPR) traveled to speak with voters in the swing county of Pinellas County, Florida. Votes there voted for Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Barack Obama. In 2022, they sound like they’re leaning towards Republicans.

Voter interviews with NPR.

NPR interviewed one voter who said, “the economy was better under Trump.” She added, “I’m a registered Democrat … I have issues with our former president … I don’t like the untruths that took over with that party — even though I like the economy better.”

Why was the economy crucial to this Democrat? She couldn’t afford groceries. NPR interviewed her bagging groceries at a food pantry because “I can’t afford to go to Aldi and places like I used to go … I don’t have money left over with the increase and everything … to go to the grocery store.”

This person wasn’t the only Democrat NPR spoke to with a negative opinion of the economy. NPR dutifully touted the White House line that job and wage growth is strong. That line prompted one Democrat to say, “her first-hand experience in the current economy isn’t matching the job market Biden and his team describe.”

NPR spoke with multiple Democrats and Republicans in Pinellas County forced to join together in a multi-generational home, where as many as three generations of a family are living together to save money. Food and housing costs are driving people to change behaviors and hold off on major life decisions.

Stores are losing income to inflation.

The impacts are everywhere, up and down the income tax brackets. Wal-Mart is telling investors that it’s seeing lost sales due to inflation. Wal-Mart says that “cash-strapped shoppers have been trading down and filling their shopping carts with less expensive items as they’ve grown more sensitive to rising food prices.”

Wal-Mart CFO John David Rainey added, “As an example, instead of deli meats at higher price points, customers are increasing purchases of hot dogs as well as canned tuna or chicken.” Further, “Cash-strapped shoppers are also opting for more private-label products, rather than brand-named goods. And in some cases they’re having to get by with smaller package sizes. Walmart says so far, back-to-school sales have been strong. But customers are wary about spending outside the grocery aisle.”

There’s not a single line in the Inflation Reduction Act that addresses these genuine issues and concerns from voters. Democrats didn’t pass a line of legislation that deals with supply chains, food and energy costs, or the skyrocketing housing expenses. Americans struggle to pay for housing, buy food in the grocery store, and get gas for commuting to work.

Meanwhile, the Biden White House is touting its electric vehicle tax credits. Or they’re busy selling poor Americans on the need to get solar panels. To call the White House tone deaf in a moment of crisis is putting it mildly. This is an administration that is so busy trying to get high off its own supply that they’ve forgotten they’re in charge of making decisions.

Inflation Reduction Act does nothing.

Democrats spent the last two years trying to develop a legislative package that included all their spending goals. At the end of that process, passing something was seen as better than nothing. The problem for liberals is that the world’s issues are far different than when they started to sketch out their Build Back Better plan. There’s not much difference between the ideas in Build Back Better and the Inflation Reduction Act.

There’s a lot of difference in our economy between January 2021, when Biden took office and today. But that’s where the sales job of Democratic politicians comes into play. The White House served Democrats with a better name for their spending plan but no substance to back it up.

Polling tells us that 57% of voters don’t believe the Inflation Reduction Act will do anything to solve the problem or might make it worse. That 57% number is similar to Joe Biden’s 56% disapproval in polling averages, which he’s held steady on for several months.

There’s no sugar-coating reality. Americans understand we’re in the middle of an economic crisis centered on inflation. Joe Biden and Democrats are doing nothing to solve the number one issue in the land. Any politician refusing to solve the one problem impacting every American in the country deserves to lose in elections.

Democrats are well on their way to losing the 2022 midterms.