DANIEL VAUGHAN: Biden demands oil companies solve his crisis

In April, I begged the Democratic Party to take energy policy seriously for just five minutes. America is desperate for leadership that looks at the problems in front of it and solves those problems. Instead of solutions or serious leadership, we’re getting ideological hardness that sees calamity and cheers it on. On energy, Biden has hardened his neck to any rebuffs.

As a result, Americans suffer. Our poor energy policy harms American citizens, US foreign policy, and the safety of our allies. There’s little evidence the Biden administration cares on any level. When presented with evidence that they should shift tactics, they reject reality.

We received two interviews this week to prove this point. The first interview came from the President’s mouth. After hiding from giving out interviews at many print outlets, Biden sat down with the Associated Press for thirty minutes.

Biden talks with the AP.

To the AP’s credit, they pressed the President on multiple points. One of those points was on oil, the price of gas, and the President’s attacks on oil and gas companies. The AP described it as follows:

Biden renewed his contention that major oil companies have benefited from higher prices without increasing production as much as they should. He said the companies needed to think of the world in the short term, not just their investors.

“Don’t just reward yourself,” he said.

It’s hard to think of a more tone-deaf answer than that one. The President of the United States wants oil companies to make long-term capital expenditures with a short-term focus. Long term, Biden is maintaining the Green New Deal stance that oil companies are all evil.

Patriotism, to Biden, means oil companies have to suffer.

A more plausible course of action — and equally patriotic — would be telling the Green New Deal coalition in Congress to shut up. There’s a war in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin has weaponized oil — as everyone knew he would — and the United States needs to be a powerful player in the oil and energy markets.

Oil and energy are national security.

Emphasizing our potential and power in oil and gas markets would go a long way toward undermining the grip of Russia and OPEC. Instead, Biden’s patriotism has him pondering whether to beg Saudi Arabia or other authoritarian countries for oil.

That interview wasn’t a Biden gaffe, however. I know it’s popular for the White House to walk back bad remarks by the President. Biden’s comments got echoed by his Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

Granholm was on CNN responding to criticism about a letter the Biden administration sent to oil companies. In the letter, Biden blasted the companies as being unpatriotic and made the same point he did in the AP interview.

The letter got sent to executives at BP, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Marathon Petroleum, Phillips 66, Shell, and Valero Energy. Biden blamed Putin for the price hikes and laid “some of the blame on firms raking in billions in profits while deflecting any responsibility from his administration.”

Whatever the problem is, Biden makes sure to dodge blame.

White House yells at oil companies to “fix it!”

On CNN, Granholm got asked about that letter and whether it made any sense. “During an interview with Granholm on “New Day,” Berman pointed out the contradictory nature of Biden’s demands. “Five years from now, ten years from now, are you telling me you want them drilling for more oil? You want the refineries putting out more gasoline in five years or ten years?” Berman asked.”

It’s a critical question because no one in the Green New Deal coalition wants oil companies drilling and refining more. The Biden administration only wants a short-term fix and then wants these same companies to disappear. Granholm said, “what we’re saying is today we need the supply increased.” But that’s today, not the future.

CNN anchor John Berman fired back, “But that’s the problem for these companies,” Berman told Granholm. “These companies are saying, you know, ‘You’re asking me to do more now, invest more now, when, in fact, 5 or 10 years from now we don’t think that demand will be there, and the administration doesn’t even necessarily want it to be there.”

No solutions.

Biden is begging the oil companies and blaming them for being part of the problem, but he also doesn’t want them to be a long-term solution. Why would any company make capital expenditures to help an administration that only wants to end their livelihoods once the political pressure is gone?

The White House wants to call these companies unpatriotic. But it’s Biden who elevates ideology and rhetoric over solutions. Instead of embracing American companies that could solve this crisis, he’s attacking them. Instead of being an uniter, he does the opposite.

Granholm, Biden, and the rest of the White House want others to solve their problems while taking all the credit. No solutions are coming from this White House. They only seek to deflect blame and shift the issue to someone else.

They make love to their ideology in the White House while people suffer everywhere else in the country. These ideas have all the substance of an empty mausoleum. They expect people to worship ideas that have never borne any fruit. Reality is knocking.