DANIEL VAUGHAN: Biden smears Trump to avoid Afghanistan blame

 April 7, 2023

The year is 2023. Last week, the Biden administration wanted you to know that the bank failures that occurred on its watch were Trump's fault. This week, the Biden White House wants you to know that the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan it ordered as soon as Biden took office is also Trump's fault. Next up, Biden will claim that Trump is responsible for ice cream melting too quickly.

The twelve-page report released by the White House claims to outline "key decisions and challenges surrounding the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan." Reuters National Security Correspondent Idrees Ali summed it up by tweeting, "The White House document passes on blame to the Trump administration but does little to actually address what Biden and his advisers did wrong. (Instead it talks about what a tough situation Biden was in)."

Former Republican Representative Peter Meijer was blunter in his assessment. "A craven whitewash of events I lived in real time, intended only as a pathetic exercise in shifting blame from the commander in chief *responsible for the evacuation* to his predecessor. Notably, the only' lessons learned' were applied elsewhere- in Ukraine and Ethiopia. There is absolutely no mention of where the US-Afghanistan relationship goes from here, no mention of the urgent need to engage to support a better future for the Afghan people. Shameful."

The fake news report.

The report leads with the line, "President Biden's choices for how to execute a withdrawal from Afghanistan were severely constrained by conditions created by his predecessor." Biden's report complained that the transition needed to be smoother to allow him to respond capably.

As the Wall Street Journal noted, this report is a far cry from more neutral observers. "Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction attributed the rapid collapse of the Afghan government to the abrupt, uncoordinated pullout of U.S. troops along with years of poor planning and the terms of the Trump administration's 2020 agreement with the Taliban on withdrawal."

Biden, per usual, takes no blame on himself. He's never made a mistake in his life. White House national security spokesman John Kirby went even further: "So for all this talk of chaos, I just didn't see it, not from my perch."

You're not alone if you're sitting there wondering how his perch leaves him incapable of seeing chaos in the Afghanistan retreat.

The chaotic exit was impossible to ignore.

It's hard to forget the chaos of a sudden departure. No one will ever forget the spectacle of Afghanistan people desperately clinging to planes and falling to their death. Or the mess of Americans and our allies getting left behind in the country without plans to evacuate them. And let's not forget the worst calamity of all: thirteen dead Americans who lost their lives from the sudden, chaotic departure of the Biden administration.

Biden claims he had no choice. It's a remarkable lie for someone who canceled so many Trump-era policies, whether good or not. We're revisiting whether to ban Chinese spyware on American phones, despite this being an easy question for the Trump administration.

Biden never had a choice. He couldn't slow the departure, put in place better plans, or make any attempt to save American lives. He had no choice but to abandon Americans trapped in the country. He had no choice but to give a repeat performance of the Vietnam exit, with helicopters leaving the scene.

Robert Gates was right about Biden.

And apparently, Biden had no choice in abandoning hundreds of millions of dollars of American military equipment to the Taliban. He can claim all he wants that they made much of it unusable. Everyone saw the videos of Taliban members flying helicopters, using vehicles, wearing U.S. armor, and more. We armed the Taliban because of Joe Biden.

It's another reminder that Robert Gates had Biden pegged all those years ago. Gates was Defense Secretary under Barack Obama and wrote in his memoirs that Biden has "been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades." Democrats in the media tried to get him to walk that back, and he doubled down.

Who can say Gates was wrong at this point? Biden proved it himself when he dissented from Obama's decision to kill Osama bin Laden in a raid. We must thank Obama for ignoring the blow-hard stupidity of his Vice President, who didn't possess the brain cells capable of pulling the trigger on killing one of the worst mass murderers in U.S. history.

Crazy Uncle Joe wants you to know it's all Trump's fault. Trump, Trump, and more Trump. It wasn't Donald Trump who ordered the exact date of the withdrawal. It wasn't Donald Trump who crumbled under the pressure of the evacuation. And it wasn't Donald Trump who abandoned American citizens and our allies or put U.S. soldiers in harm's way.

It's Joe Biden's fault. His NSC can't lie their way past the same history we all experienced.

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