DANIEL VAUGHAN: Biden’s presidency begins a full-scale implosion

It seems like hyperbole to say the Biden administration is collapsing before our eyes. But the headlines that came out as last week ended, which stated hard facts, make it hard to believe anything less at this stage.

There’s no area of presidential leadership or politics where President Joe Biden shows even the slightest modicum of ability to perform his elected job. We’d settle for competence, but he can’t even deliver passable incompetence.

First up, we learned that Biden’s administration does not have the “over the horizon” drone strike capacity he’s spent plenty of time bragging about. Instead of issuing a drone strike to kill the planners of the terrorist strike that left thirteen members of the U.S. military dead, Biden’s drone strike killed ten Afghan civilians, including seven children, as CBS News reported. 

The admission came one week after the New York Times exposed the strike as an utter disaster, with no evidence backing it up. If U.S.-based journalists already knew the truth, that means the White House dragged its feet with regard to taking responsibility for the act.

Biden has claimed the U.S. has “over the horizon” technology to strike terrorists, which is true. But that technology is dependent on U.S. intelligence. And the U.S. military has said of Aghanistan they’ve “lost 90% of the intelligence collection capabilities it had using drones before the drawdown of forces began in May.”

If you don’t know where to strike, what good is your drone?

The blows didn’t let up, though. Biden muscled the United States into a submarine deal with Australia, cutting out our French allies. In response, France recalled their ambassadors from both the United States and Australia. 

Further, as TownHall reported, we learned that one of the U.S. generals purposely backchanneled the Chinese to tell them he would warn them if the U.S. ever issued a first strike against the Chinese.

It’s an utter collapse of U.S. foreign policy, from military capabilities to diplomacy, to simple things like relationships with our allies. Biden has wrecked U.S. foreign policy unlike any of his predecessors, and does not seem to care. Further, his military commanders seem open to taking actions behind the backs of civilian leaders, an unethical act, many believe. 

It’s not much better domestically, either. 

Biden’s signature legislative push is stalled in Congress, and Republicans have little to do with that. First, Yahoo reports, the far-left is blocking the $3.5 trillion spending plan because it’s not expansive enough for them.

They want more. And on the other side, centrist Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (WV) is blocking the legislation because he’s concerned (correctly) about the continuing threat of inflation to the American economy.

Manchin’s issues with the legislation are well-founded. However, it still caused Joe Biden to call Manchin and threaten him in a profanity-laden tirade, Business Insider reported. 

The call was ostensibly made to convince Manchin to support the legislation. Still, it was all about Biden and his political needs. Biden lost Manchin’s state, West Virginia, by nearly 40 points to former President Donald Trump, whereas Manchin won with a razor-thin margin.

That inflation story is real, too. A Wall Street Journal report summed it up: “Inflation is all over the place. The giant leap this month? Wholesale.”

ABC News reported: “Inflation at the wholesale level climbed 8.3% last month from August 2020, the biggest annual gain since the Labor Department started calculating the 12-month number in 2010.”

ABC News saw inflation everywhere too, writing, “Food prices were up 2.9% last month after falling in July. Over the past year, wholesale food prices have climbed 12.7%, including surges of 59.2% for beef and 43.5% for shortening and cooking oil. Energy prices rose 0.4% from July and are up 32.3% over the past year.”

If you’ve been in a grocery store, bought gas for your car, or have done any comparison shopping at all, you’ve experienced the increasing prices. Biden and Democrats want to pour gasoline on the inflation fire. Manchin and Republicans are trying to stop them.

None of this includes the ongoing global pandemic, which Biden’s team has yet to figure out. They’ve systemically undermined the vaccination effort in America.

Biden further allowed the FDA to block the booster shot program to deal with the upcoming winter surge, with scientists at the FDA resigning over the politicization of the process, as the New York Post reported. 

The utter collapse of every initiative and plan in the administration would be a concern for most capable White Houses. Biden is on vacation, however. The White House staff is “scaling back the president’s travel,” alleging that it’s to help support his Congressional initiatives.

But those same aides “worry about the exposure level Biden may have faced when he mingled in groups during a recent trip to the West and his three stops to mark the Sept. 11 anniversary, two officials said.”

That’s a very different posture than when the White House brushed aside questions of Biden’s health and his recent spat of coughing episodes at press conferences.

The warning sirens are blaring across the Biden administration on every front, including foreign, domestic, and the personal health of the president himself. The press and the administration are trying to present this as all normal and acceptable but were this the Trump administration, they’d acknowledge the sirens that are readily apparent to anyone with eyes.

It’s not hyperbole to say the Biden administration began a full-scale implosion on Friday. What’s even more concerning is that this is the beginning of that process. We don’t know where they’ll end up falling.

The alarm bells are going off. Does anyone in the White House care?