DANIEL VAUGHAN: Liberals Are Reinventing Law Enforcement On The Fly

 June 12, 2024

It's June, which means Americans get inundated with a flood of "PRIDE" imagery everywhere. This year, we're looking at how this new religion has shifted law enforcement in liberal cities. The sacred causes are protected, even when the same conduct is involved.

First, in Spokane, Washington, police arrested four suspects and charged them with felonies for "defacing a mural." The intersection in question was a crosswalk with a "Progress Pride flag mural."

Local reports say, "The Pride mural had 'widespread damage' according to police, including 'black scuff marks consistent with scooter wheels.' Police noted the mural had recently been repainted to undo other damage to the flag."

Court documents accuse the 19-year-old and minors involved with shouting slurs and doing donuts on the mural with rentable Lime scooters. Video from the police showed the event taking place, and local officials are treating this as a hate crime.

These guys were hit with the full hammer of the law. Put a pin in this news story.

Let's switch coasts now and visit two other events, one in Washington D.C., and the other in New York City.

An anti-Israel mob swamped the nation's capital. Demonstrators defaced the White House and multiple nearby monuments. They slapped fake red blood, put slogans everywhere, and "vandalized" the area, according to police.

Additionally, "Slogans such as 'Israel go to hell, Hamas is justified' and 'Death to Amerikkka' were graffitied on city property, and protesters blocked traffic as they held signs reading, 'F— Israel. Stand with Hamas.' Other chants included, 'Kill another Zionist now' and 'Death to Israel.'"

No arrests were made.

In a statement to reporters, the U.S. Secret Service said, "The U.S. Secret Service made no arrests associated with the demonstration that took place near the White House complex on June 8."

The Secret Service wasn't alone. "A D.C. police spokesman also confirmed that it "made no protest related arrests yesterday," while a U.S. Park Police spokesman said the agency "did not make arrests during demonstration activity yesterday."

Not only that, both police and the Secret Service left the park where these "protestors" swarmed and left a hate-filled wake of destruction in their wake. Instead of defending anyone or anything, the police, Secret Service, and park rangers all left and watched from a distance.

The event prompted Senator Tom Cotton to demand the Department of Justice investigate the event. In a statement, he said:

"Anti-American, pro-Hamas thugs desecrated the statues of our veterans literally across the street from the White House, a blatant violation of federal law. On video," Cotton said in a post on X Sunday. "I expect the Department of Justice to use every technique against them that it used against grandmas in MAGA hats on January 6. And if it doesn't now, it will next year."

Like the Senator, I'm not holding my breath on that response.

In New York City, the Nova Music Festival Exhibition held a special memorial to those who lost their lives from Hamas's attacks on October 7 during a music festival. A mob similar to that in Washington D.C. swarmed the memorial.

The mob declared a "Day of Rage." Reporters on the scene said, "A mob of anti-Israel protesters chanted "Long live the Intifada" during a depraved celebration Monday night outside a downtown Manhattan exhibit that memorializes the murder and rape victims of the October 7 Nova Music Festival, where 364 people were killed by Hamas terrorists. The deranged pro-terror crowd lit flares and waved a flag associated with the Iran-backed Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah.

One man was caught on camera yelling directly at Jewish people at the event: that he wished "Hitler was still here" because the Nazi leader would have "wiped all you out."

Thankfully, we got three arrests at this event. Three. In a mob raising terrorist flags, calling for Jews to be killed, and praising the actions of Hamas, we got three arrests.

It remains to be seen if the New York City criminal justice system will prosecute these individuals.

But I know the state of Washington will push ahead with prosecutions of some young kids and a young adult for doing donuts on a crosswalk mural. Those actions are prosecutable under the law.

However, you can go into any American city right now, put on the garb of terrorists, take up the cause of Hamas, call for the death of Jews, leave a wake of vandalism and destruction in your path, and not worry hard about arrests. Police might even leave the site to "keep the peace."

Watching this play out on social media feeds across the country, it's hard to take the left seriously when they bleat out the line "no one is above the law." We're watching a mural on the road get more protection than Jews getting death threats to their faces.

Democratic politicians can condemn things all they want, but actions speak louder than words. Right now, it's becoming clear which side they're on in these cities. It's also clear the rule of law is in shambles. 

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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