DANIEL VAUGHAN: Paying for abortions vs paid maternity leave — Companies tell us what they believe

In the wake of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision handed down by the Supreme Court, striking down Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey woke capitalism is rushing into the fray. Companies are announcing that they’ll pay for employees in “red states” to get abortions in other states. It’s a moral declaration that employees do not matter, only the bottom line.

CBS News reports that companies like Dick’s Sporting Goods are offering policies like “$4,000 in travel expense reimbursement to travel to the nearest location where [abortion] is legally available.” Other companies shifted health plans or created similar reimbursement plans to cover abortions.

Reuters started tracking each company listing travel benefits. Other outlets began using that data to track companies that were “silent” or not engaged enough on pro-abortion policies for the author’s liking. The goal is to push all American companies to bend the knew and provide services.

It’s not enough to provide abortion services; the pro-abortion crowd demands activism too.

Extreme abortion stance.

The irony is that they advocate for an extremist stance that is a clear minority position, regardless of sex. A recent Gallup poll found that 60% of women believed in some restrictions on abortion; for men, the number was 64%.

A Fox News poll found that 54% of Americans supported a ban on abortions except in the case of an emergency after 15 weeks. That number dropped to 50% support for a ban starting at six weeks with emergency exceptions. A Wall Street Journal poll examining the same structure, a ban on abortion after 15 weeks, found majority support with the public.

The left needs this push from woke capitalist companies because it is unlikely the Democratic Party will do much over the repeal of Roe and Casey. The proposals receiving attention from national Democrats lack any basis in reality.

One proposal is using federal land in states that oppose abortions to provide abortions for the citizens of that state. The White House opposes this for a variety of reasons. But this proposal is popular among national Democrats.

The problem is that this idea runs afoul of the Hyde Amendment, which bans public funds from being used on abortions. Some people argue that the government could lease land to abortion providers. But renting grounds for the express purpose of giving access to states banning abortions seems like a distinction without a difference under the Hyde Amendment.

Replacing politics with business.

It’s also unclear what executive orders Biden could use to carry out a pro-abortion agenda. With prohibitions like the Hyde Amendment, he doesn’t have federal money to open up access to abortion. These kinds of decisions require Congress or a state legislature to pass them.

There’s little evidence Democrats are interested in hammering out a legislative compromise on abortion. All that means is that we’re likely only to get hot air from national Democrats and the White House on this topic. At the same time, the states move forward with policies they’ve been prevented from enacting in the past.

All of this brings us to the push by Democrats to get their corporate allies to provide abortion access since government support is cut off. Abortion access, travel reimbursement, and more are getting used to run around state abortion law restrictions.

As an economic matter, it’s entirely within these businesses’ right to offer additional services to their employees. But in so doing, we’re getting a loud and clear message of what these companies value: employees on the line, not maternity leave.

Telling us who they are.

The question is this: what are companies willing to pay for, abortions or maternity and paternity leave? If a company pays for an abortion but not maternity leave, it’s telling women what the company wants: more hours worked, less time off for families. The incentive structure is evident.

Statistically, only “23% of those working in private industries have access to paid maternity leave.” The average time given off for that is around eight weeks in the United States. Contrast this with about 70% of women taking maternity leave. Some groups on the left estimate that 54,000 women a year experience discrimination for being pregnant.

Where does that leave us? It’s a statement by companies that they’d rather pay for an abortion than support mothers and families. It’s cheaper to kill the unborn and keep employees on the line than take a stand for supporting employees and family creation.

If someone is willing to pay for abortions but offers little other support, they’re telling you what they believe. When Democrats push companies to take this same tact, it tells you something about them too. They’re advocating for companies to deepen antipathy towards pregnant women.

When people tell you who they are, you should listen. We’re witnessing who these woke companies say they are, and there’s little mistake to the message.