DANIEL VAUGHAN: The COVID panic continues despite evidence

On March 2, 2020, I wrote a column lamenting the media’s coverage of COVID-19. A week later, I noted that the point of data gathering, modeling, and more was to prepare people, not send everyone into a full-blown panic.

We’re nearly two years into the global COVID-19 pandemic, and no one in the public health establishment or media has learned a single lesson. The latest panic from governments, markets, and more regarding the Omicron variant.

The elite panic over the Omicron variant is utterly nonsensical at this stage when we know so little, and what we do know suggests the measures we have in place are capable of containing this variant. In the end, engaging in travel bans and more is punishing the competent and transparent public health officials in places like South Africa.

In contrast, the World Health Organization and others continue to appease the Chinese Communist Party.

The prime reason this variant isn’t severe, right now, is that we don’t have any examples of a vaccinated person in South Africa ending up in the hospital.

According to The Wall Street Journal, “South Africa’s health minister said November 26 that he expects the shots to still offer protection against severe illness and death from the new variant, even if they might be less effective at preventing infections and milder disease. Scientists and doctors said that around three out of four people currently hospitalized in the country were unvaccinated, while others had received only one dose.”

The Journal also reported that all the major vaccine manufacturers are monitoring the situation and could rapidly alter vaccines if needed. No vaccine alternations have been needed so far. The original formulas have handled every variant for the last year.

That, combined with the human body’s capacity to adapt that immunity protection, has shielded the vaccinated from the worst offered up from a virus that likely originated in a Chinese Communist Party lab.

In other words, another round of applause is due for Operation Warp Speed and the Trump administration for delivering not just miraculous solutions with rapid delivery, but providing vaccinations that have stood up to every variant so far. And the beautiful thing about the options funded by Operation Warp Speed, if needed, we can adapt these vaccinations quickly to handle whatever new problem COVID-19 throws at us.

The Biden administration is slow-walking other miraculous options like monoclonal antibodies and new pharmaceutical drugs that provide even more protection from COVID-19. Whereas the Trump administration pushed things through the public health bureaucracy, the Biden administration has been content to sit on their hands.

The travel ban put into place by the Biden administration is useless. US Health officials already believe the Omicron variant is in the United States, despite not detecting it yet. A travel ban is late and not a solution. Pushing through more solutions through the government is authentic leadership.

Instead, the White House is following the lead of the World Health Organization, which is more interested in appeasing the sensitive feelings of the Chinese Communist Party. 

The Journal noted that the WHO skipped the Greek letters Nu and Xi. “The body cited best practices for naming diseases that seek to avoid causing offense to any cultural, social, national, regional, professional or ethnic groups. Xi is a common surname in China, shared by Chinese President Xi Jinping.”

Skipping “Nu” makes sense because it sounds like you’re saying this is a “new” COVID instead of a variant. Skipping that to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings makes good sense.

But ignoring the letter “Xi” — which is not even pronounced like the CCP’s leader — smacks of political incoherence from an organization that has bent over backward to lick the boots of a genocidal regime, which has lied and covered up its role in unleashing a pandemic on the world.

And, of course, the Biden administration is nowhere to be found on this kind of nonsense. When the CCP had another lab accident and released the first version of SARS on the world in the early 2000s, the WHO and the United States hammered China. That spine is gone now.

All of which brings us to the “panic” at hand. Global markets have been roiled over media reports and government action over the Omicron variant. Two years ago, this kind of panic, while overblown, at least made sense. We didn’t know what we were dealing with. We had no solutions, no vaccines, and every policy solution was an educated guess.

We’re not in the same place now.

We have vaccines, therapeutics, more pharmaceutical options on the way, a wealth of masks, ventilators, and PPE. All of the above has flooded supply chains across the country. We have so many vaccines that it’s now possible to get boosters of any kind available in America. We are not starting with Omicron from a position of weakness or poverty.

And yet, the public health decisions by the Biden administration treat this variant like it’s March 2020 all over again. Travel bans won’t work. We already believe the variant is here. We need visionary leadership that has learned the lessons from the past two years to provide a way forward.

Instead, Biden is stuck in 2020, and so is the media, which seemingly wants another panic and a fresh round of lockdowns.

Panic and lockdowns suggest something genuinely awful: those living in blue states and cities don’t believe the wealth of evidence that we’ve solved COVID-19 through comprehensive vaccination.

The only difference between them and the anti-vaccination movement in America is that one side wants more lockdowns and to live in perpetual fear. In contrast, the other side is just in utter denial of the progress of modern science and the victories of the Trump administration.

We’ve come so far since March 2020, and somehow our leadership has learned nothing.