DANIEL VAUGHAN: Ultra-MAGA isn’t the problem, Ultra-Biden is

We’re going to learn what the latest inflation reports say this week for April. The White House has already announced they’re sending out Biden for a speech the day before that report comes out. If you’ve been reading this space for a while, you know we’ve been slowly working through new excuses from the White House. The “Putin Price Hike” is out, and now Biden is going back to square one: blame Republicans.

White House officials told Reuters, “On Tuesday Biden will lay out his plan to fight inflation and “contrast his approach with Congressional Republicans’ ultra-MAGA plan to raise taxes on 75 million American families and threaten to sunset programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid,” the official said.”

It’s not just the fault of Republicans — Biden is claiming that inflation is the fault of “ultra-MAGA” Republicans. Who is the ultra-MAGA Republican at the top of Joe Biden’s mind? If you answered Donald Trump, you’d be wrong. No, Joe Biden is concerned about ultra-MAGA Senator Rick Scott of Florida.

Biden is floundering.

There’s no need to even ask why — it’s a ridiculous comparison as no one with even a modicum of sense thinks of Rick Scott when they hear the phrase “ultra-MAGA.” Outside Florida, not many people are thinking about Rick Scott at all.

Joe Biden isn’t giving this speech because he’s got a winning argument. He’s giving this speech because it’s desperation time at the White House. Biden’s poll numbers remain near all-time lows in the RealClearPolitics and FiveThirtyEight approval poll averages.

Biden is not alone. Democrats are getting crushed in generic ballot polls, where voters get asked if they’d vote for a generic Republican or Democrat. NBC News reported that Democratic campaigns and strategists were panicking over poll numbers in races across the country.

It turns out you can’t tell Americans that inflation is transitory for a year while doing nothing and expect them to think nothing of it. Chickens are coming home to roost, and Americans are footing the bill every time they go to a store or buy gas.

Inflation and shortages spread.

The story isn’t over. I’ve written many columns about the food crisis and how the White House worsens those issues. Gas and diesel prices are increasing too, which will add even more pain to consumers, farmers, truckers, and anyone who has to drive as part of their life.

Housing prices are rapidly increasing too. The Wall Street Journal reported that housing sales surged ahead of the Federal Reserve raising rates. “Rising home prices and mortgage rates have made homeownership less affordable. In the first quarter, the typical monthly mortgage payment for a single-family home rose to $1,383, from $1,064 a year earlier, the NAR said.”

The Federal Reserve is prepared to raise interest rates several more times this year, which will drive mortgage prices up even further. That pressure has made some analysts question whether the housing boom is ending, with a crash needed to fix the insanity in prices.

In addition to those issues, a nationwide baby formula shortage is driving parents to search for solutions. Some parents are forced to beg for baby formula because none is available on the shelves. Retail estimates suggest that 40% of baby formula brands are no longer on the shelves, leaving massive supply chain gaps on the shoulders of other companies.

Biden is failing a basic test.

And then, to top things off, the electric grid is straining under the pressure of increased demand. The green energy push is turning up empty-handed as electricity providers from California to Maine are warning of outages because they cannot fulfill orders.

The Wall Street Journal reports, “The risk of electricity shortages is rising throughout the U.S. as traditional power plants are being retired more quickly than they can be replaced by renewable energy and battery storage. Power grids are feeling the strain as the U.S. makes a historic transition from conventional power plants fueled by coal and natural gas to cleaner forms of energy such as wind and solar power, and aging nuclear plants are slated for retirement in many parts of the country.”

I’ll add one more thing to consider: hospitals are warning that they’re straining under increased costs. Healthcare inflation is something that’s not on the White House’s radar.

Food, power, and transportation are all basic needs for any society. We’re witnessing the failure of a White House to handle basic needs, leading to systemic issues. Rick Scott is one Senator. Donald Trump is not in the White House.

“Ultra-MAGA” is not where the buck stops. The buck stops with Biden. He’s refusing to answer the call.