DANIEL VAUGHAN: Another border disaster from Democrats and Biden

Ever since Joe Biden assumed the presidency and started signing executive orders, a crisis has developed on the southern border.

It’s a crisis of Biden’s own making, a mess he created by rolling back multiple Trump-era policies and encouraging more people to head toward the border — and he has shown no plans of fixing it.

The constitutional and national security blog Lawfare described one of the president’s recent decisions:

On Biden’s first day in office, DHS announced that it would no longer place asylum seekers in the punitive program. This executive order simply affirmed that announcement but did not address how and when Migrant Protection Protocols would be phased out for the thousands already enrolled in the program.

The results of these decisions, with no plans on how to proceed, have been swift. David Bossie at Fox News notes: “The number of migrant children in the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) custody has tripled over the past two weeks.”

Bossie adds: “While schools and businesses remain closed or severely restricted, DHS has been forced to open the temporary holding facilities on the border to 100% capacity. COVID-infected migrants are being released into border communities.”

And over the weekend, the situation rapidly escalated out of control.

The Daily Mail reported that ICE and Border Patrol were utterly overwhelmed:

Children at one facility in south Texas are going hungry and are only able to shower once every seven days as the center is at 729% of its legal capacity.

Legally, the Biden administration is only supposed to hold people there for 72 hours. Unfortunately, people are being held there much longer in a situation the Biden administration has refused to call a problem.

Further, the Daily Mail reports, “[m]ore than 3,500 unaccompanied teens and children have been held in Customs Border Patrol (CBP) detention centers designed for adults in recent days.”

The report adds: “The CBP detained or processed a staggering 100,441 migrants in February including nearly 10,000 unaccompanied children — levels not seen since 2019.”

It’s a situation caused by Biden’s executive orders and exacerbated by his administration’s incapacity to dealt with the problem. ICE is calling for volunteers to bring them immediate aid in dealing with the situation.

Tent cities have popped up in parking lots, and authorities are struggling to manage the situation. The Associated Press reports:

The lawyers interviewed more than a dozen children Thursday in Donna, Texas, where the Border Patrol is holding more than 1,000 people. Some of the youths told the lawyers they had been at the facility for a week or longer, despite the agency’s three-day limit for detaining children. Many said they haven’t been allowed to phone their parents or other relatives who may be wondering where they are.

This situation is especially concerning in the middle of a pandemic. Those same immigration lawyers noted that “the children are kept so closely together that they can touch the person next to them,” according to the AP. “Some have to wait five days or more to shower, and there isn’t always soap available, just shampoo.”

Finally, the AP noted, “President Joe Biden’s administration denied the lawyers access to the tent facility.” That decision is a reversal of the Trump administration, which granted lawyers access to help identify issues.

The situation now is a humanitarian disaster caused by an administration that, just like the progressive left overall, does not care even in the slightest about border or immigration issues. The 2019 flare-up was practically the first time in decades that the American left showed that it was even aware the southern border existed.

That year gave us such hits as Democrats calling these facilities “concentration camps.” The media’s favorite description of this situation was “kids in cages,” and they often used pictures from the Obama administration to level an accusatory finger at the Trump administration. 

Those same people have all but vanished. 

Democrats and the American national media have reverted to their Obama-era stance on immigration and the border: extreme indifference. The left’s pundits are busy cranking out think pieces trying to distinguish this humanitarian disaster from Trump and rely on the reliable defense of “orange man bad” to ignore what is happening right now. All that matters is distracting from the crisis at hand.

The surge at the border began in February. The calamity occurred after Biden’s new executive orders. And it’s the Biden administration that cannot plan for even the slightest fallout from their actions. Like most things on the left, they saw their executive orders as nothing more than window dressing or virtue signaling.

You won’t find Democrats going to the southern border for photo-ops, shedding fake tears before a camera, or lifting a finger for anyone on the border. They’ve never cared, and the indifference of the Obama administration has fully returned.

They don’t seem to remember that another disaster on the southern border was a catalyst for Republicans to retake the Senate in 2014. That midterm election was arguably the most consequential midterm in decades because it single-handedly decided three Supreme Court seats.

Democrats ignore the border to their peril. And in the meantime, a humanitarian disaster has developed there, again. Hashtag campaigns do nothing for people in need.