DANIEL VAUGHAN: Press and Biden family more corrupt than we knew

Before the election, it was clear that national media outlets were doing everything within their power to provide aid and support to Joe Biden. For the average conservative, this was nothing new. However, what compounded that media decision in 2020 is that Big Tech decided to join the fray, actively marking or banning anything national media deemed fake news.

The election is over, though, and now, we have hard evidence the press provided that aid to Joe Biden.

Case in point: Politico now reports that the “federal investigation into President-elect Joe Biden’s son Hunter has been more extensive than a statement from Hunter Biden indicates.” That report came less than a day after we learned the Department of Justice was pursuing Hunter Biden on tax evasion and fraud issues.

But it’s not just tax issues for the son of Joe Biden. The tax issues mask the deeper problem: Hunter’s connections to China.

“Federal authorities investigating Hunter Biden’s taxes are examining his business dealings in China, according to a source familiar with the inquiry,” NBC News reported this week. “The investigation, which Hunter Biden announced Wednesday, was opened in 2018, the year before his father announced his candidacy for president.”

Politico’s sources say the issues are beyond simple tax issues, but full-on money-laundering: “In addition to Delaware, the securities fraud unit in the Southern District of New York also scrutinized Hunter Biden’s finances,” the outlet reports. “[A]s of early last year, investigators in Delaware and Washington were also probing potential money laundering and Hunter Biden’s foreign ties.”

All of this is in addition to Hunter Biden’s ties in Ukraine and elsewhere. Oh, and while we’re at it, we should note, Hunter Biden isn’t alone in the Biden family corruption investigations. Politico reports:

In addition to the probe into Hunter Biden, federal authorities in the Western District of Pennsylvania are conducting a criminal investigation of a hospital business in which Joe Biden’s brother James was involved. Federal officials have asked questions about James Biden’s role in the business, according to a second person with direct knowledge of that investigation, who said it remains ongoing.

So that’s both Joe Biden’s son and Joe’s brother James. But the most maddening part is this entire story has been around since 2018, and no one in the press leaked knowledge of it.

For four straight years, if the Department of Justice or FBI so much as hiccuped a detail of a Trump investigation, it got leaked. But not on Biden. Not the precious.

It’s not just that these kinds of investigations are only coming out now, weeks after the election. It’s that the media proudly explained this was just a non-story. Here’s NPR’s Public Editor, on Oct. 22, 2020:

But the biggest reason you haven’t heard much on NPR about the [New York Post] story is that the assertions don’t amount to much.

“We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions,” NPR Managing Editor for News Terence Samuel told me. “And quite frankly, that’s where we ended up, this was … a politically driven event and we decided to treat it that way.”

If you’ll recall, the New York Post broke part of this story. Twitter immediately jumped to the rescue, banning both the Post and people sharing the story. Facebook began tagging that story and anything related to it as fake news.

Nothing is right about this story or the journalists who reported on it. You can have your pick here: either 1) these journalists knew these investigations existed and lied about any wrongdoing in Hunter Biden’s past, or 2) these media outlets were making these broad statements without ever doing even the slightest amount of reporting to determine the accuracy.

Neither option is good, either from an optics perspective for the media or just on a purely ethical basis. But that’s not all, either. In a similar story, we learned this week that Democratic House Representative Eric Swalwell had working relationships with a person who, it turns out, was likely a Chinese spy. She helped with donations, placed people in Swalwell’s office, and more. Swalwell claims everything ended in 2015 when he was alerted to the issue.

But Fox News learned that Swalwell’s brother and father were still Facebook friends and interacted with her on the social media site. They only deleted that connection in the past week.

So to recap here for a second: the Bidens and Swalwell currently stand accused of having the kind of relationships they charged the Trump family and campaign having with Russia for four years. But with these Democrats, the countries in question involved a lot of China and a smattering of Ukraine and everyone else with Hunter Biden.

There are just endless ironies here that Democratic politicians are suffering from the things they claim of Trump. And mainstream commentary claimed that Biden was somehow superior on a moral basis to Trump. It turns out that moral superiority only exists because the media has created it. It’s a shame.