DANIEL VAUGHAN: It’s time for Trump to hold rallies and celebrate his greatest victory

Paging Donald J. Trump’s press team: What are you guys even doing? Why are you keeping the former president in Florida on golf courses? Right now is the best time to trot Trump out, get him out making speeches every day celebrating the greatest accomplishment of his presidency: the miraculous vaccine cures his Operation Warp Speed brought to fruition.

Trump should get out and hit the trail, pumping up his victories for two reasons. First, it will help elevate his profile back into the media in a positive light. The Trump administration got Operation Warp Speed off the ground and pushed it hard. Trump has a legitimate story to tell the nation and encourage everyone to get vaccinated. 

Doing this will, of course, annoy all Trump’s critics. But so what? What else is new? Trump’s critics have nothing new to say and even less to offer. Take Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell (CA). We just celebrated the first anniversary of him telling everyone on March 4, 2020, “Stop wearing face masks. #coronavirus.”

The only person to get it more wrong that early on is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D), who is only now getting investigated for sending COVID-19-positive patients back into nursing homes. While other state leaders thought better of this and locked down their nursing homes to protect everyone, Cuomo sent the sick to the most vulnerable.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump had already enacted travel restrictions with China. Trump has a story he can and should be telling right now because the pandemic is close to ending. Trump should hit up his old campaign stumps and hammer how unbelievable Operation Warp Speed is and how little Joe Biden and his “experts” have done to improve on those plans Trump put into place.

So far, the only thing the Biden administration has pulled off is a feeble lie that the Trump administration didn’t leave any plans in place for vaccine distribution. That line was so egregious that even the left-wing PolitiFact had to step in and say it was “Mostly False.” And PolitiFact didn’t have the stones to fact check the source of those lies, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They went with Ron Klain. 

The point here is that Donald Trump’s most significant victory is bringing not one, not two, but three vaccines to the United States in less than a year which will single-handedly end the worst pandemic in a generation. America has never developed a vaccine in less than five to 10 years, and sometimes it takes multiple decades. We went from nothing to three different vaccines in human arms in less than a year.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we had a vaccine answer within days, phased trials in months, and had the first doses start going out the door in eleven months. It’s a modern medical marvel that will go down into the history books as one of the most extraordinary feats the United States has ever accomplished, on par with the mobilization for the first and second world wars.

It’s America at the forefront here. With the exceptions of the United Kingdom and Israel, every other country and region of the planet lag behind the United States’ mobilizations and vaccine rollout. We are the standard. During the month of the first anniversary of the lockdowns, America has already delivered more than 100 million doses of life-saving vaccines.

To repeat: Donald Trump has a legitimate story to tell here. It’s politically criminal that his PR team isn’t trotting him out and celebrating his planning and perseverance in seeing Operation Warp Speed through, despite facing a constant stream of dumb criticism by the press and Democratic Party. (I know, there’s very little difference between the two these days.)

The second reason Trump needs to celebrate his most significant victory is simple: it might encourage more people to get vaccinated.

Polls from various organizations show a stable number of Americans continue to be hesitant about vaccines. Part of this is unfamiliarity; the more people who get vaccinated, the more that number goes down. But there’s still a sizable group who don’t want to get a vaccine, roughly 25% of the population.

Donald Trump should be going out, praising the vaccines, and touting how he was right about them and how he pushed them through development while every other country on Earth lagged is a compelling message. Instead, Trump and his advisers decided to get Trump a vaccine quietly in January, to no fanfare at all.

These vaccines are literally driving the pandemic back. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines’ mRNA technology could revolutionize medicine, with other early vaccines against malaria and the cancer melanoma showing promising results. Operation Warp Speed cut miles of red tape and regulations, and the results are shocking.

We’re living in the future. We have the technology to generate a vaccine, and then as we identify variants in the virus, we can rapidly adapt these new vaccines and target the variant strains. This biotechnology is the stuff of science fiction, and we’ve blown through these doors in less than a year.

And it’s all thanks to Operation Warp Speed. Trump, if you’re listening, get out on the road and do your thing. Do the rallies, do the speeches, do everything. This moment is your time to shine and take credit.

And if you boost the percentage of people getting vaccinated, you’ll be saving lives, too. If Joe Biden and Democrats are stupid enough to attack that, let them walk into that trap.