Gun charges and lawsuits keeping Hunter Biden busy

 September 19, 2023

One theory of the three felony gun charges levied against Hunter Biden last week is that these charges will insulate Biden and possibly his father from further investigation and consequences.

Hunter Biden must not be too worried about the legal ramifications of his past actions, given that he has decided to sue the IRS over its whistleblowers giving out his personal tax information in testimony and interviews. 

One of the whistleblowers, Gary Shapely, came out and said that he only ever talked about Hunter Biden's tax information after Congress released it.

Shapely's lawyers released a statement saying, "Neither IRS SSA Gary Shapley nor his attorneys have ever released any confidential taxpayer information except through whistleblower disclosures authorized by statute. Once Congress released that testimony, like every American citizen, he has a right to discuss that public information."

Speaking out

Shapley did tell reporters that Biden tried to claim hookers, sex clubs, and other fraudulent costs as expenses on his taxes

If Hunter Biden can show that his tax information was used wrongly, it could prevent charges based on that information or help his defense.

Prosecutors have said that he could still be charged in Washington, D.C. or California for not paying his taxes and using fraudulent deductions.

Even more than getting Hunter Biden out of misdemeanor tax charges, his attorneys hope that the lawsuit might somehow get Republicans to back off from looking into Hunter and his father's foreign business dealings.

Is the president involved?

Bank records show that Hunter Biden made at least $20 million in payouts from foreign sources. Does the IRS know about that? Has he paid taxes on it?

A little more digging, and investigators should be able to link the President to these payouts, if he is involved.

Of course, the whole Biden family and administration wants to prevent this from happening.

Everyone involved in the president's re-election bid also hopes to minimize any finger-pointing at Joe Biden so that when voters inevitably compare the charges against former President Donald Trump to charges against anyone in the Biden family, the Bidens will come out looking better.

The hypocrisy

Ironically, Hunter Biden's lawyers are planning on arguing that drug use isn't in the Constitution as a reason why people can't own guns.

The hypocrisy is massive, but it just shows that Democrats will do anything to get out of legal consequences for their actions, even if it violates all their principles.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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