20 year old hockey star collapses and dies

The Daily Wire reports that Eli Palfreyman, the rising ice hockey star, has passed away at the young age of only 20. 

His passing took place on Tuesday during an Ayr Farmers Mutual Global Invitational preseason game at the North Dumfries Community Complex. There, he took to the ice with his team the Ayr Centennials of the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League.

During the game’s first intermission, Palfreyman went to the locker room with his teammates. And, it was while in that locker room that he suddenly collapsed.

The aftermath

After the collapse, emergency medical assistance was called for. The Waterloo Regional Police was called for as well.

While awaiting the arrival of the emergency service, the team’s medical staff did what it could to assist Palfreyman. Emergency medical assistance shortly did arrive, and it transported Palfreyman to the Cambridge Memorial Hospital.

Palfreyman, though, was never able to be resuscitated. At the hospital, he was pronounced dead.

The cause of death remains unknown

The medical community has yet to state what led to Palfreyman’s death.

Palfreyman’s team, the Centennial’s put out a statement saying that they will not speculate about the cause of Palfreyman’s death “out of respect for the family’s right to privacy.”

So, for now, the cause of death remains a mystery that is being investigated by authorities. Centennials’ Vice President Brian Shantz has said that “Eli had the best care from our medical staff and quick response from the ambulatory staff.”

“Prayers and support”

Palfreyman’s passing comes after he was recently named the captain of his team, the Ayr Centennials, for the upcoming season, which was going to be his second season with the team.

“It’s an honor to wear the C,” Palfreyman had just recently said. “Me coming back this year — my final year — as the captain, words don’t explain how honored I am to be in this position.”

It truly is a sad situation, one that deserves an explanation. For the time being, Shantz, in his statement, asked for “prayers and support for Eli’s family and each of our players.” “Our Centennials organization and the community of Ayr are in mourning,” he said.