21-year-old caring for 15-year-old says teachers don't take her seriously

 February 2, 2023

One 21-year-old woman's story has gone viral over her parenting of a 15-year-old high schooler.

Hunter Nelson says teachers at the local high school fail to take her seriously.

The story

“Me driving down the road am realizing I’m 21 with a 15-year-old,” Hunter, from Kentucky, wrote in the caption of her popular TikTok video.

“No other parents or staff members at her [high school] are gonna take me serious,” she added. “I can already feel people asking me what grade I’m in when I go to her events.”

The background

“I did not have a baby when I was 6,” Nelson told her 3.9 million followers in another video.

“I recently filed for guardianship of my sister a few months ago … I felt the best way to keep my sister safe, happy, and to have all her needs and wants met was to come live with me," she added.

Nelson's father passed away in 2015. Her half-sister began living under her guardianship after losing her mother.

“Gracie did not want to come with me,” Nelson confessed on camera alongside the teen. “She threw a fit and I thought she was going to kill herself in the bathroom.”

“She was very upset with me,” she added, noting that Gracie was temporarily living in an abusive environment after her mom died.

The young girl's story has now become the centerpiece of a viral story in the New York Post as well.

On her TikTok videos, several others in Nelson's situation posted their story.

"At 21 I adopted my 13 year old sister in law. She was MINE and no one could tell us different! She's 26 and I'm a grandmother at 34," another woman commented.

"I'm 23 a guardian of a 14 yr old. I felt this," another commented.

Others shared their encouragement with Nelson. "You'd be surprised. I have a few students that their siblings have guardianship and they're the best parents!" a teacher wrote.

The story has already had 75,640 views and 220 comments since its recent posting, making it the most popular article on the website. Nelson's unique story has resonated with many interested in the account of the young "mother" of a teenager in Kentucky.

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