Over 50 victims, including 12 fatalities, from weekend gun violence in Chicago

Democrats are quick to demand stricter gun control laws following mass shooting incidents but are essentially silent when it comes to shootings that occur on a near-daily basis in major U.S. cities, where the combined toll of dead and injured over the course of a weekend often surpasses the more publicized mass shootings.

Take, for example, the city of Chicago, where the casualty count from multiple shootings from Friday evening through Monday morning was well over 50, according to Breitbart.

Yet, despite that horrific toll of dead and wounded from gunfire, which occurs almost every weekend, there has not been an outcry from Democrats and the media, or a willingness to look at the root of the recurring problem.

Children killed in weekend violence

According to local ABC affiliate WLS-TV, as of Monday morning, at least 48 people in Chicago were shot since Friday evening, with at least 10 of those victims dying from the gunshot wounds.

The youngest victim of the weekend’s shootings was a 15-year-old boy named Dajon Gater, who was shot by a pair of gunmen while on he was on the front porch of a house shortly before midnight on Friday.

Sadly, children are all too often caught up in Chicago’s gunfire. Last weekend’s shooting victims included a 2-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy.

Making the weekly gruesome tolls of dead and wounded from shootings all the more infuriating is the fact that police have a good idea of where the majority of those shootings will occur and who will be involved, suggesting certain steps could be taken to address the issue in a targeted manner.

Shootings occur in specific neighborhoods

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the official tally for the weekend’s shootings, as of Monday morning, stood at 54, with 12 dead and 48 others wounded from gunfire.

The outlet noted that nearly all of those shootings occurred in just 15 neighborhoods on the city’s South and West sides, locations that had already been labeled as “priority community areas” by the administration of Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) last year.

Those 15 communities reportedly account for more than 50% of the city’s shootings over the past three years, and roughly 50% of the city’s shooting victims over that same span come from just 10 of those communities, comprising only about 15% of the city’s total population.

Supposedly, the mayor’s report on gun violence would result in the prioritization and boosting of police manpower and resources in those particular areas to try and address the problems.

However, given the fact that dozens of Chicagoans are still shot and killed on a weekly basis in those communities, one has to wonder just how effective the mayor’s initiatives to combat gun violence have been. One thing appears increasingly obvious, though — more gun control laws, of which Chicago already has some of the strictest in the nation, are unlikely to prove a viable solution.

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    1. Jesse, Start with Lori Lightfoot and work on down.Chicago is run by Democratic control,witch gives a hint on where to start. There is no reason why it has to be a violent city. Look Democrats govonor,Democrat mayor now what do they stand for? One big item defund the police,politicians greed,too many mothers, not enough fathers that is a reason for failure.l

  9. Close our eyes, cover our ears and put a hand over our mouth and the world will never know what is enjoyed in the town of Chicago. Open your eyes and ears and see that Chicago is apparently the murder capitol of the USA with the blessings of their government. The police are not trained apparently and they are not wanted in order to protect the innocent people who live? in Chicago. Does the city government(Mayor) care? Apparently not.

  10. As I’ve been saying, A few well dropped MOABS, NAPALM or Strategic Drone Strikes ….. F U reCAPTCHA !!!!

  11. the people who are shoot are protected by the democrat’s who run this HELL-HOLE. they do not want the police or law in that city

  12. Anthony Manzo
    Hey AL, where are you. 12 Black Americans KILLED by BLACKS in one weekend. That’s more than Blacks killed resisting ARREST by White cops in a YEAR. never mind 48 being SHOT. Tell me do Black Lives only matter if their shot by a White COP. Now a Black kills a Black it’s OK !!! But your not ALONE where IS BLM. Gee I forgot being Black your self puts a TARGET on your BACK in CHICAGO, so it’s better you stay in White Cities

  13. it seems like sleepy/creepy joe is confused with his placement of vice p. in border wall issues…..perchance she belongs on the “root cause for” chicago [and others] consistently worse and worse shootings, killings and other such horrifically terrible behavior. either way, isn’t it lovely what is happening with our nation? blm flags flying with the flag of the USA? demands made by terrorists abroad and at home? illegal trysts and communiques by people that shouldn’t be anywhere close to our nations’ top secrets? list is too long to continue but if you’ve been paying the most moderate of attention, you know this ever-growing laundry list of mini fires that ensure this countries deepening problems and a fretful view of what’s ahead. God bless the USA!

  14. reCAPTCHA is not doing their job !!! My responses are “reCAPTCHA” all on the page. Administrators do your job !!! This is the second time to send it and this is what I get “Error: Google reCAPTCHA verification failed. The response is no longer valid: either is too old or has been used previously.” Congratulations, you’ve started to drive me off !!!

  15. So much for cities and states that restrict and/or outlaw firearms. Just goes to show that guns are nothing to be afraid of, IF you obey the law.

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