‘A big lie’: Trump Jr. rejects Biden campaign’s moderate media portrayal

Despite Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s supposed appeal among moderates in his party and independent voters, many critics on the right argue that he is hardly the centrist candidate his campaign would like Americans to believe.

Donald Trump Jr. added his voice to that narrative, describing the former vice president as someone who provides the “perfect camouflage” for the media and far-left progressives to usher in a “radical leftist agenda” into mainstream America, as reported by Fox News.

“Scary for our country”

The president’s eldest son made the assertion on Tuesday during an interview with Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity.

Trump began by discussing an apparent enthusiasm gap between pro-Biden voters and those who support his father. Combined with concerns about the Democratic nominee’s perceived “cognitive decline,” Trump expressed serious concern for the future of the nation.

“Honestly, it would be sad if it wasn’t so scary for our country what’s going on in that campaign,” he said.

Citing a perceived lack of stamina and mental acuity, Trump echoed the criticism of other Trump supporters in painting him as unfit to serve as commander in chief.

“The inability to articulate a thought, the inability to do events two days in a row without having to go back into his basement burrow and hide — and I don’t mean to make light of cognitive decline, as his stenographer has pointed out and so many other people have pointed out,” he said.

“The perfect camouflage”

While he asserted that such individuals are not typically entrusted with nuclear codes and other weighty aspects of the presidency, Trump alleged that the Democratic Party is willing to sacrifice the nation’s future for partisan gain.

“That’s what the Democrats are doing,” he said. “They’re doing it because Joe Biden is the perfect camouflage for the mainstream media to push their radical leftist agenda into middle America.”

Biden allows his party’s far-left faction to “go to Ohio and Pennsylvania and say, ‘Joe’s moderate. Look, it’s moderate Joe,'” calling it “a big lie” aimed at diverting attention away from their true agenda.

A number of other Republicans — including the elder Trump — have offered similar assessments. The president has called his general-election rival a “Trojan horse for socialism.”

It is important for voters to know whether a Biden administration would truly embrace moderate ideals or shift the nation sharply to the left. So far, many Americans find his rhetoric unconvincing.

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