‘A sign of discomfort’: Fox’s Jesse Watters says Harris uses laughing as ‘defense mechanism’ in interviews

Kamala Harris has spent much of her vice presidency laughing off claims that she’s not equipped to do the job — but according to Fox News host Jesse Watters, she’s failing miserably at getting others to laugh with her.

Speaking Friday on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Watters accused Harris of using laughter as a “defense mechanism” when speaking with reporters, according to Fox. But it doesn’t seem to be working.

“A glitch in the system”

Watters hearkened back to his days hosting the “Watters World” segment on Fox’s The O’Reilly Factor in his Friday remarks to fellow Fox host Tucker Carlson.

“As someone who made his career doing man-on-the-street interviews, I feel like I am uniquely qualified to recognize when someone is uncomfortable in public,” Watters said, according to Fox, “and yes, this is a sign of discomfort when she’s presented with the topic or question, when she’s unsure or uncomfortable, she results to cackling.”

Watters also compared Harris’ laugh to a poker player’s “tell,” saying she shows clearly when she’s not ready to answer a question.

“In our industry, we refer to this as a defense mechanism,” he said, as Fox reported. “In layman’s terms, it perhaps would be a glitch in the system, a tick, or a ‘tell’ in poker and she does it for several reasons.”

The Fox contributor explained: “One, to soothe her anxiety. Two, to buy her time if she’s unsure, she can use that time to formulate a response. Three, to kind of guide the vibe of the interview from a serious to a less serious one, and then finally, it is kind of a lame attempt to form a bond with the person asking her a tough question.”

What’s so funny?

Watters also drew attention Friday to Harris’ recent interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, where, in Watters’ words, her strategy failed “miserably.” She “just sat there stone-faced as she laughed in his face about real issues with the border,” Watters charged.

“I have been studying when she does this,” he said. “She cackles when she’s asked the question about her relationship with President [Barack] Obama. She cackles when she is asked about her ideology,” he added, according to Fox.

“She’s cackled also when she’s asked about her management ability, i.e., the border. And she also laughs uncontrollably in an audience setting where she’s not on prompter and she’s failing to connect with that audience,” Watters said. “Those of the results of my behavioral, psychological analysis.”

As Harris continues to battle claims of a toxic work environment in her office — and dimming prospects of winning should she be Democrats’ nominee for the White House come 2024 — it’s looking less and less like the vice president really has anything to laugh about.

What’s so funny, Kamala?

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