Abortion activists stage protests outside homes of SCOTUS Justices John Roberts, Brett Kavanaugh

Amid intensifying liberal outrage over the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion suggesting an imminent reversal of Roe v. Wade, far-left pro-abortion activists took their protests to the neighborhoods in which conservative Justices Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts reside, as Fox News reports, attacking the very concept of their judicial independence and, by extension, that of their fellow jurists.

In an event billed by organizers as a “Candlelight vigil for Roe v. Wade, angry marchers scrawled drawings of coat hangers on the sidewalks near the justices’ homes, a graphic reference to the unsafe, unregulated abortion practices of the past, and chanted, “you don’t care if people die,” in an effort to make their stance known.

Tensions escalate

The Saturday evening protests took place after far-left activist group Ruth Sent Us announced plans to organize “walk-by” events “at the homes of the six extremist justices, three in Virginia and three in Maryland,” and went so far as to publish the home addresses of the conservative members of the high court, as Fox News reported last week.

Explaining the rationale behind the threat of those demonstrations, the group declared, according to National Review, “Our 6-3 extremist Supreme Court routinely issues rulings that hurt women, racial minorities, LGBTQ+ and immigrant rights. We must rise up to force accountability using a diversity of tactics.”

Though the homes of Kavanaugh and Roberts were the first targets of the activists’ ire, a group called Shutdown DC also announced plans for a vigil at the home of Justice Samuel Alito, author of the leaked draft opinion, for Monday, as The Hill noted.

“Justice Alito thinks he can take away our rights. But our rights are fundamentally ours. We’re showing up to tell him in person,” read a tweet from the group, which also included a graphic depicting the precise location of the justice’s home.

Not content to harass the justices alone, abortion advocates also trained their sights on Catholic churches on Sunday, with a group of protesters assembling outside of Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, with one demonstrator clad in a white bathing suit with baby dolls attached, asking, “God killed his kid, why can’t I kill mine?”

Administration’s shameful silence

To its eternal discredit, the Biden administration has thus far failed to denounce the left’s promises to take their anger to the literal doorsteps of conservative Supreme Court justices and, seemingly, to do whatever it takes to prevent them from carrying out their constitutional duties.

Last week, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy questioned White House press secretary Jen Psaki about the fact that progressive activists had publicly posted the home addresses of conservative high court justice, saying, “So [President Joe Biden] doesn’t care if they’re protesting outside the Supreme Court or outside [a justice’s] private residence?”

In response to Doocy’s query, Psaki snidely replied, “I don’t have an official U.S. government position on where people protest.”

Mike Davis, a former clerk for Justice Neil Gorsuch, blasted the administration’s inaction in the face of the incendiary, threatening language emanating from the left, saying, “There are people making threats against justices online and elsewhere. The attorney general needs to step up. He needs to make a very strong public denouncement of this. This is obstruction of justice for people to show up at a federal judge’s home to try to influence the outcome of a pending case.”

Also weighing in on the shameful state of affairs was George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley, who tweeted last week, “Today’s nonposition of the White House on the targeting of justices at their homes is one of the lowest moments in American politics,” but sadly, it seems more than likely that things are poised to get much worse as the left’s desperation on this issue grows.

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