Columnist: Stacey Abrams trying to use race card to secure spot on Biden ticket

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s gaffes might be funny, but at the end of the day, his cognitive decline is sad and, frankly, concerning.

Might politicians try to take advantage? It looks like some already are. Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams told ABC’s The View that Biden would be remiss not to pick a woman of color to be his running mate — in what looked like an obvious effort to wield woke-ness like a weapon, according to Eddie Scarry at the Washington Examiner.

Scarry: Abrams’ ambitions are clear

With an outsized sense of entitlement that is rare even for a Democrat, Abrams has made her White House ambitions very clear, once confidently stating that she “plans” to one day be the president of the United States, as Fox News reported at the time. For the most part, those in the media have breathlessly indulged these fantasies.

Now that it’s essentially certain that Joe Biden will face President Donald Trump in November, Abrams, like other shrewd opportunists, seems to sense an opening. Biden has already made it clear that he will pick a woman to be his running mate, apparently sensitive to the bad optics of a senile white man leading the ticket of the party of “diversity” — but Abrams thinks he can do even better.

In an appearance on ABC’s The View this week, Abrams made it clear that she has “concern” that Biden might fail to honor his obligation to black women, although it was pretty obvious what she really meant, according to Scarry.

“I would share your concern about not picking a woman of color because women of color, particularly black women, are the strongest part of the Democratic Party,” Abrams said, according to The Hill.

Black voters around the country — especially in states like South Carolina, which powered his surge — have been crucial to Biden’s rise, but Abrams seems to think that he has a responsibility to pay it back by choosing, conveniently, her to be his running mate.

Possible VP pick?

Speculation about a Biden–Abrams ticket has been floating around for a while — but other potential candidates include Sens. Kamala Harris (D-CA), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D). Abrams has expressed interest in the job, although she initially seemed to think it was beneath her.

“You don’t run for second place,” she had told The View in March of last year, according to National Review.

As the 2020 election comes into view, Biden’s plans — to say nothing of his vulnerable state — may present an opportunity for entitled grifters like Abrams, mostly known for losing an election to current Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) in 2018. The Democrat has since continued to gain notoriety, in what is surely one of the most impressive examples of failing upward in recent political history.

Meanwhile, poor Biden is out to lunch and just eager to keep the leftist mob happy.

Never say never, right?

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