‘Absolutely’: McConnell reveals he would support Trump as 2024 GOP nominee

Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) allowed his apparent disdain for former President Donald Trump to show in the wake of last month’s riot on Capitol Hill and subsequent impeachment trial.

Nevertheless, when he was asked during a recent interview about the prospect of Trump becoming the Republican presidential nominee again in 2024, McConnell said that he would “absolutely” support him, Breitbart reported.

“There is no incumbent”

The shift comes mere weeks after McConnell accused Trump of bearing responsibility for inciting the civil unrest at the Capitol building, despite voting to acquit the ex-president at the conclusion of a Senate impeachment trial.

Trump responded to the top Senate Republican’s comments with a scathing statement of his own in which he ripped McConnell as an establishment “hack” who does not deserve to be a party leader. During an on-air appearance with Fox News Channel’s Bret Baier on Thursday, McConnell offered his latest thoughts on the 45th president.

“Well, there is a lot to happen between now and ’24,” the senator said of the next presidential race. “I’ve got at least four members that I think are planning on running for president, plus some governors and others. There is no incumbent. Should be a wide-open race and fun for you all to cover.”

Baier pressed him directly on the possibility of a second Trump term, asking if he would support the former president if he achieved another nomination.

“Uh, the nominee of the party? Absolutely,” McConnell reportedly replied.

“The best chance to be victorious”

McConnell went on to downplay the suggestion that intraparty fighting had weakened the GOP, declaring that “the Republican Party is actually in very good shape.”

Backing up his assertion with evidence from November’s election, he said: “We gained seats in the House. We elected 50 Republican senators when everybody was predicting we were going to lose the Senate. The Democrats didn’t flip a single state legislature. We flipped two, picked up a governor.”

McConnell argued that the GOP would be better off focusing on next year’s midterm races now instead of projecting nearly four years into the future.

“That will set up the next nominee for president, whoever that may be, [with] the best chance to be victorious,” he declared.

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24 Responses

  1. 1 We believe that agovernments were instituted of God for the benefit of man; and that he holds men baccountable for their acts in relation to them, both in making laws and administering them, for the good and safety of society.

    2 We believe that no government can exist in apeace, except such laws are framed and held inviolate as will secure to each individual the bfree exercise of cconscience, the right and control of property, and the dprotection of life.

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  3. I WOULD NOT Support Mitch McConnell at all for anything! President Trump called McConnell and his wife OUT CORRECTLY!! I Support Trump Not the GOP.

  4. Mitch McConnell is a CCP hack. I am sick of him and he needs to be replaced as a “leader” in our Party. He is no longer even relevant. He was scared to death that President Trump was going to reveal his CCP ties – heck, he is even married to the country! Her family is very wealthy and controls ol’ McConnell. Whether he likes it or not, President Trump is the leader of the Republican Party. It doesn’t matter whether Rona McDonnell (I believe that is her name) or Turtle McConnell like it or not. They can go pound sand.

  5. McConnell is a 2 faced Liar, and as long as he’s in the GOP, along with the other 10 TRAITORS no real conservative will support the GOP! McConnell has caused the demise of the Republican party.

  6. It rained all day here in East Tennessee. If asked about it and Mitch McConnell was standing in my front yard he would swear it was sunny all day. That is the value I place on any thing he does or says !

  7. Mitch turned his back on Trump and now he wants to support him? Is he going to be a Democrat spy?..I will not vote republican again because the Republican party handed over the election and did not fight for the election,if they would have fought as hard as the Democrats did on all their lies maybe we would not be where we are today and how many Republicans turned their back on Trump, I hope there will be a third party.

    1. I believe Trump has already declared that he will not create a third party. Regardless, your statement that you would not vote Republican again in the future seems rather ridiculous. With only Democrats as your only other option, that seems like conservatives would lose because of your lack of a vote for a conservative candidate, be it Trump or someone else. I totally agree that Republicans stood very quiet both during and after the election, but when you’re up against people like Gates and Soros, it makes it very difficult. Money is always at the root of so many issues, whether it is elections or otherwise.

  8. So… 2022, Trump runs for Congress, wins representing Florida, becomes speaker of the house, impeachment proceedings brought against Biden ( if he’s still even in the White House) Biden/Harris impeached, Trump becomes president and then runs in 2024, wins and we have a 10 year Trump presidency!

  9. Mc Connell only re-elected due to Trump coming to the rescue – TERM LIMITS NEEDED IN DC!!!!!clean up this very DEEP SWAMP!!!!

  10. I think things will never be the same between Mitch McConnell and President Trump! Mitch really bashed Trump . President Trump needs people he can trust and he knows there are still a lot of swamp people in and around the Republican Party. He will be extra careful who he has close to him. I don’t blame him after everything he has been put through.

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