Activist group attempts to take over hotel in Olympia, issues list of demands

The state of Washington has experienced the brunt of many destructive and sometimes violent protests over the past year.

As one particularly alarming example, a group of homeless activists in Olympia linked to the Antifa movement attempted to take over a hotel.

At least seven people arrested

According to local police, the situation was said to be under control after the arrest of at least seven individuals.

The unrest began at around 11 a.m. on Sunday, when the Olympia Police Department began receiving calls from the Ted Lion Inn and Suites. Callers alerted authorities to a group of demonstrators who entered the hotel and attempted to take it over by force.

Reports indicate the mob consisted of about 45 individuals, many of whom entered the building brandishing weapons. One of the suspects was said to have been carrying a hatchet, while others were allegedly armed with batons and knives.

The suspects managed to take over the lobby and 17 rooms. During the mayhem, guests were locked in their rooms, workers sheltered in the basement, and everyone else attempted to hide wherever they could, according to reports.

A SWAT team was reportedly called to the scene and officers soon entered the property, clearing it of protesters and making several arrests. Fortunately, almost all of the employees and guests escaped without injury.

“Won’t make the mission more attainable”

At least one hotel staff member apparently put up a fight and was injured, though the severity of that injury was not immediately disclosed. Those arrested are facing criminal charges such as burglary and trespassing.

An advocacy group called Oly Housing Now reportedly spearheaded the attempted takeover. Fox News reported that the organization made reservations for one night on Saturday, then moved 33 homeless individuals into the hotel.

There were reportedly even more members of the group congregating inside and outside of the building the next day.

In conjunction with the demonstration, Oly Housing Now issued a list of demands on Twitter, focusing on government funding to house the homeless in city hotels and imposing “impact fees on luxury and commercial properties in Olympia’s downtown,” among other things.

The criminal stunt, however, appears to have turned off even some of the local leaders who might otherwise support the group’s cause. As Mayor Cheryl Selby explained in a statement: “Olympia has led on responding to homelessness, on coordinating shelter and other basic needs. The tactics used today by Oly Housing Now are unproductive and won’t make the mission more attainable.”

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34 Responses

  1. Not one of those protesters with face any consequences to their actions. No jail time nothing. They will be bailed out by Hollywood Stars and other sympathizers

    1. Those are friends of Biden. He said they are just an idea. I guess he intends to just let them keep destroying America and do nothing about it.wat team could put a stop to Biden’s idea if they would quit protecting them and let the team do their job. They have got to recognize them for what they are. A bunch of terrorist. For some insane reason the Democrats think they are peaceful protesters. I wonder how long it would take for them to change their minds if it was their property being destroyed .

      1. If you are a liberal and you riot, loot and burn, that is called a protest.
        If you are a Conservative and you destroy, loot and burn, then it is called a riot, or now, an “insurrection”.
        We are fast headed for a Civil War.

  2. How can our Government, both Democrats and Republicans allow this to continue⁉ If so, THAT is what THEY want. US, PATRIOTS DO NOT❗GET IT⁉ STOP THIS NOW❗

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    1. If the group in DC is charged?? Then the groups in Portland, Seattle, and
      the other cities should be arrested and charged first. There is plenty of video,
      they can be found. When they are charged and fined for all the looting if
      there is any one left that went to DC arrest them and fine them for the looting.
      Good thinking James.

    1. Yes and theres more to come The Democrats were behind Antifa and were encouraging them not they cant seem to stop them Biden and the democrats will be the destruction of America if they are not stopped. Lets hope the Republicans can stop them

  4. Agree 100% with the all comments.
    However, I’m not worried as I’m going to implement Biden’s 3 B’s of:
    Build Back Better.
    May the Good Lord help the USA.

    1. Are you aware that BBB is directly off the script of The Great Reset? If you haven’t already, I urge you to research the Globalist elites The Great Reset.

  5. Well that what President Trump was going to after election if he won but he did but it was taken by cheating . Democrats are not going to do anything because Antifa and BLM are not domestic terrorist just conservatives and Patriots .

      1. Dennis, I think she was being facetious. Looking through liberal eyes, BLM and ANTIFA can do no wrong, even though that is all they do. Conservatives and Patriots receive nothing but responses in visible hysteria, hyperboles, and hypocrisy from democrats. It is becoming more and more apparent.

    1. Have you done any research into BLM ? Look up what they believe, and what their goals are, if you can still find it online.

  6. Somebody better get some k- honees.Quit letting these people get away with this stuff or bad things are going to happen.You can only put up with so much.Im talking about the law inforcement.Where are they ? Gun sales a climbing at a fast pace.The Democrats are paying these people to do this law breaking.Am I the only one to see that?

    1. We’r just waiting for them and it will be a fun day because there are more of us then them! We have to stay quiet, but we are called bad people! Antifa can kill people yet they are not called trouble makers. We shall see! Remember the police are not important anymore as they are defunded! We have to take care of our own!

    2. No, Kamela Harris Pays their bonds so they can do bad again. I don’t know how she got in as a Vise President as she was a call girl for all of her young years that’s what I heard! Then she married a white man . How can one marry a person like her! If the story is true, she is damaged goods!

    3. Guns won’t be much good to you without ammunition. It’s becoming harder to find, prices keep going up, and I’ve heard you’re going to be taxed heavily for it.

  7. And yet, these bad people, are WORSHIPPED by the Democrats and their team!!! No wonder America is so divisive and in such a mess – thanks to the corrupt democrats!! DRAIN THE SWAMP AND SAVE AMERICA!!!

  8. Total ly agree with Jeff, the democrats are behind all the rioting in a way I hope it gets worse for these wimpy govoners. Maybe they will DESTROY the cities of San Francisco (nancy pelosi ) district .it’s obvious she doesn’t give a sh it about her city, how about her nephews town Gavin Newsome chuck schumer home Hilary and bills home, barracks home and all the other corrupt politicians homes. What’s good for regular people is good for the elitists

  9. Democrats helped make these groups. Now they don’t know how to deal with them. That is why they don’t want the fence took down at the capital. The democrats should be forced to go break bread with these groups they helped make just to beat Trump. Hope it comes back and bites on their butts.

  10. Biden can be real proud of this DIVIDED STATES of AMERICA that he has created. Or should I say, with a lot of help from the democrats. when his house in Delaware is being threatened by his be loved minorities and border crossers, he might not have a basement to hide in. And didn’t he find out being under Obama, that trying to ” buy off” other dictators, like himself, never works. When he has to get out and walk everywhere because gas from foreign nations is so high,. he will wish he had not abandoned the pipe line. And when he sees the comments from people who hate him. I hope he will still be able to understand what he has done.

  11. Looking in the wrong direction to try and stop China biden, Nazi harris and the pelosi Communist Tyranny. We have to go after the National and Social Media Communist Propaganda machines. They are no longer a trusted news media. For some reason they want total power and support the Dictatorship of China biden and the sewage of the pelosi communist party.
    Start letting their sponsors and advertisers know that you will no longer be buying or supporting their product while they support the Communist Tyranny regime of China biden.

  12. patriots come together to “DRAIN THE SWAMP” we must band together to get any politician that has been in office more than 8 years OUT – GONE from service for at least 10 eight years. ONLY WAY WE THE PEOPLE WILL TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY. Those there now do not serve us (those of us that pay taxes) they only serve themselves.

  13. Everytime I see an article about antifa or blm, they are filed under terrorism. When are these ingrates going to pay for their actions?

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