‘They claim to be compassionate’: Activist pleads with Biden, Harris to reverse abortion agenda

The Biden administration has begun with a flurry of executive actions, including an order broadening the U.S. taxpayer funding of abortions worldwide.

Now, one pro-life activist is calling on President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to “speak up for life” and back away from its decidedly pro-choice agenda, but so far they have refused.

“This is what the Democrat Party has done”

As Breitbart reported, Alison Centofante of the advocacy group Live Action revealed that some of its members were in the nation’s capital to address Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Democratic Party leaders — including Biden and Harris — and deliver their pro-life plea.

Specifically, she made the case for a ban on abortions of fetuses more than 20 weeks into their development, arguing that the unborn can feel pain. Furthermore, she called for mandatory medical care for “survivors” of abortion, or babies who are born alive following a failed abortion attempt.

Thus far, Centofante said, leftist leaders have shown no sign of budging on the issue.

“This is what the Democrat Party has done,” she said. “They’ve pushed out any area for pro-life people in the Democrat Party.”

According to Centofante, Democrats have gone too far in their pursuit of a pro-abortion agenda with extreme views that a majority of the nation rejects.

“The greatest human rights abuse of all time”

As a 2019 Marist poll found, two-thirds of the respondents said that abortions after 20 weeks should be illegal except to save the life of the mother.

Despite a dearth of public support, however, late-term abortions are “what Democrats demand,” Centofante said.

In fact, Senate Democrats objected to a bill last year that would have required medical staff to provide care for infants born alive after a botched abortion. Harris was one of the 41 senators in her party who voted to block the proposal.

For her part, Centofante sees her role as an activist as a means to “influence the influencers” and potentially change minds on this deeply divisive issue.

“They claim to be compassionate, they claim to care about science, but yet they … don’t acknowledge embryology, that life is present from the moment of conception and life is worth protecting,” she said of Biden, Harris, and other party leaders, calling on them to join Live Action to “end the greatest human rights abuse of all time.”

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34 Responses

  1. I have posted this before, there are many parents who cannot have,but want babies so let the babies be born and be adopted, baby births are NOT incomemakers!

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      1. that is a lie, shame on you, get the facts before you spread your dribble! Just another anti-Catholic that does not understand our faith.

        Pope Francis reaffirmed this position in March 2013, when he stated that “[people] cannot receive Holy Communion and at the same time act with deeds or words against the commandments, particularly when abortion, euthanasia, and other grave crimes against life and family are encouraged.

        1. From the American Jesuit

          “VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Protecting human life is the “preeminent” social and political issue, Pope Francis said, and he asked the head of the U.S. bishops’ Committee for Pro-Life Activities to convey his support to the pro-life community.”

          Please get your facts straight before you slander another.

  3. They have NO regard for human life! Killary says the unborn have no rights ! Soon, they will want to euthanize the elderly as well.

  4. This is just plain murder of precious lives, and they will have to answer to Almighty God, who they don’t acknowledge either! Evil, murderous, selfish, uncaring crooks who are stealing lives!!! How would they feel if their children or grandchildren were aborted? Have them answer that one! Sick, demented people, who should be removed! Destroying we the people and our country!! Bring back Trump all the way!! Impeach and get rid of Biden-Harris!!!

  5. I am Catholic, and it is disgusting to me to see the baby-killing dictator put on a show for all to see with him going to church. God is repulsed by this evil that walks into church every Sunday. Pretty sick to observe this taking place! What’s worse is Americans and our entire country will suffer deeply for this evil at the helm. If we think God is going to bless our nation by continuing to kill babies, think again.

    1. And why doesn’t the Bishop say something and instruct his priests to bar those who profess approval of abortion from receiving Eucharist?

    2. Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian no more than standing in the garage makes you a car. It’s what’s in your heart that counts. The Democrats have nothing but hate, contempt, ridicule in their heart against Christians. No one is asking them to be a Christian or any other faith. The Constitution guarantees us FREEDOM OF RELIGION, not FREEDOM FROM RELIGION.

  6. Democrats don’t respect life. If they did they wouldn’t have signed a record number of executive orders since January 20th that affect the people of the United States in a negative way. And of course abortion is a no brainer, they’ve always thrived on the killing of unborn babies. But when it’s convenient to ram another bill down our throats, Nancy Pelosi will say it’s for the “children” who she cares so much about……BS!

    1. America can only be destroyed if WE THE PEOPLE allow it to be done. Rome was never conquered, it fell from the sin and corruption within and America is on the brink.

  7. Joe Biden and his team of the untouchables are S.O.B.s. Millions of Trump supporters are sick over what they are doing. We are President Trump supporters because ( wake up ) all he was doing was all good things for us and this country. I hope that you all opened your eyes now but its to late. They will destroy our country.

  8. Anyone who supports abortion aftern20 weeks should have to watch one and then decide if that fetus does not feel pain.

  9. With over 60 million dead children by their hands already, all we can do is pray for their souls. As the Catholic Church has said, their souls are in great danger. Any devote Catholic and all devote Christians do not support nor defend these barbaric practices.

  10. Yet again, this proves that biden and harris are murderers. why should American taxpayers pay for foreign abortions? this is more than crazy. Both of these POS should be in Jail.

  11. And they call us deplorable. God have mercy on their souls. If you are going to commit or allow murder of innocent babies you may as well let all murderers and child molesters out of jail. Why should they be locked up while these elite special ones (who are better than the rest of us and us paying their salaries) are not. Oh wait they are letting them out of jail. My Bad!! Murder is murder regardless of who you are.

  12. And they call us deplorable. God have mercy on their souls. If you are going to kill innocent babies you should just let murderers and child molesters out of jail. Oh wait they are already doing that. Murder is murder regardless of who you are. We should be doing something but what? How do you get around these special people who think they are so much better than us? And we are paying their salaries. Voting obviously doesn’t work and many of the elected officials fall in line with them.

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