Activists, Senate Dems demand new probe into Kavanaugh allegations

Some prominent progressives continue to reject the legitimacy of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination and confirmation in 2018.

As a recent example, a number of Senate Democrats and left-wing activists have demanded a new FBI investigation, threatening impeachment and asserting that authorities failed to thoroughly probe decades-old allegations of sexual misconduct. 

“A mistake that must be immediately corrected”

Calls for renewed scrutiny and possible punitive measures stem from a report that the FBI received roughly 4,500 tips to its dedicated Kavanaugh-related hotline but failed to follow through on investigations, opting instead to forward them to the Trump White house.

Some critics presume those tips were subsequently covered up and hidden from the public.

American Humanist Association President Sunil Panikkath attempted to make the case against the investigation, asserting: “It is unacceptable that the FBI and the Trump Administration failed to thoroughly investigate Kavanaugh and the many claims made against him. To allow him to continue to serve on the nation’s highest Court, without serious allegations of him having lied to Congress being properly investigated, is a mistake that must be immediately corrected.”

The Freedom from Religion Foundation offered a similar statement, suggesting that Kavanaugh lied about alleged sexual misconduct during his confirmation hearings, an impeachable offense that warranted further investigation.

Along with a number of Democratic senators, these activist groups sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray last week and demanded answers to “significant additional questions” raised by the report into the bureau’s tip line.

“They could have flagged it for further investigation”

The senators demanded to know how many of the 4,500 tips were deemed “relevant” as well as what criteria were used to make such determinations. Their letter also sought information about how many employees staffed the tip line and whether all information was recorded and archived.

An apparent implication from this partisan pressure campaign is that the FBI aided the Trump administration in covering up information that could have harmed Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Of course, the National Review argued that the entire narrative about the FBI tip line is misleading at best. All of the senators complaining three years after Kavanaugh was confirmed reportedly had access to a summary of virtually all of the information received by the FBI at that time.

Mike Davis, who served as chief counsel for nominations for the Senate Judiciary Committee, explained the access that senators would have had to the FBI report.

“If there was anything that caught their attention, they could have flagged it for further investigation,” he said.

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