Report: Black Lives Matter activists spar with police outside US Capitol

A group of Black Lives Matter-aligned protesters clashed with police outside the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, the Washington Examiner reported.

The scene unfolded as demonstrators were protesting the occupation of the building a week before by a mob of “fascist” Trump supporters.

“It’s not enough to impeach”

Republican lawmakers have faced pressure to resign, and President Donald Trump was impeached again, after backers of the president stormed the Capitol last Wednesday.

According to the Examiner, a group of protesters from the leftist group ShutDownDC assembled at the Capitol a week later to “calmly reclaim” it and call for the expulsion of “fascist” Republicans who objected to Joe Biden’s victory, such as Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO).

“It’s not enough to impeach the president of the United States,” organizers said, as the Examiner reported. “We need to expel the members of Congress who aided and abetted and facilitated the political conditions to allow a fascist mob to overtake the Capitol and have five people die.”

The activists, who were said to be chanting BLM slogans, were trying to attach an “EXPEL ALL FASCISTS” sign to the Capitol fence when police told them to leave. The group “resisted,” according to the Examiner, before police and National Guards shoved them away.

The activists accused the police of using greater force against them than what was met by Trump supporters a week before. “A week ago today, you allowed a violent fascist mob to overtake that building,” one protester complained in video shared by the Examiner.

“Antifa scumbags”

The chaos at the Capitol last week has prompted comparisons to left-wing riots brought about by activists with groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa over the summer. Critics say Democrats hypocritically dismissed the demonstrations as “peaceful,” even as they were quick to castigate the besieging of the Capitol.

Antifa and BLM-aligned demonstrators have continued to use violence and intimidation to advance their revolutionary aims. Notably, ShutDownDC is the same group of  “Antifa scumbags” who Sen. Hawley denounced after they terrorized his family at home last Monday, in apparent response to his plans to challenge the election results.

“Tonight while I was in Missouri, Antifa scumbags came to our place in D.C. and threatened my wife and newborn daughter, who can’t travel,” Hawley said, according to a separate report from the Examiner.

“They screamed threats, vandalized, and tried to pound open our door,” he added.

The group has also been pressuring local hotels and Airbnb hosts in Washington, D.C. to cancel reservations for “white nationalists” during inauguration week. Airbnb announced Wednesday that it was canceling bookings in the area amid concerns of further violence, Reuters reported.

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32 Responses

  1. When will you report about the prominent BLM activist agitator arrested by the FBI for being in the Capitol building with the so called Trump supporters and leading them on by shouting BLM slogans?? Last I heard BLM wasn’t part of the Trump supporters… You anti-Trumpers spew the same lies as the left!!!

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  3. arrest Nancy and Chuck you will then solve what is wrong in the US today. Those 2 are the infection in our government. They should face charges and be hung in the town they live so the people can beat the living crap put of them and if they die OH WELL.

    1. 85% Of those Demon-rats in congress as well 10% of the Rino-rats in congress should face a military Tribunal. With sentences as stiff as the death penalty. For acts of treason an sedition.

    2. It’s past time to go, they are the main all hell has let loose. Nancy is evil, through and through. She is so eat up with hate, can not imagine, she needs help, off her throne.

  4. I watched in Chicago over the summer, BLM Marxist and Terrorists say with Fists in the Air: “We aren’t Here for Racial Injustice. We are Here to Take Out Trump, Burn down your Cities and Destroy Capitalism.” Instead of Arresting all of them, The World signed on to a faux narrative,

    1. Protected because they are doing the dirty work for the demonRat’s, and immune to accountability for their actions.

  5. I hate to say it, but we did not free our country from British rule by peacefully saying that we don’t want you here or to be under your rule. If that was all that was done, we’d still be a British colony, because they didn’t care about how we felt!!! Just like the government today!!! They are not for the people or of the people. Voting doesn’t work, so how do we get rid of them???

    1. Don’t leave town you may get to under British rule again. I think that is where are heading right now.

  6. Congress needs to be checked for fraud! PElosi is worth over $100,000,000. Somehow her salary doesn’t add up with paycheck,! Obamas walked out of White house with $240,000,000, and the kids have accounts FOr life,

  7. Black lies matter terrorists, antifa terrorists, demonrat terrorists in our government! Yet, President Trump and his supporters are the scum bags( according to THEM), and must be purged! Hello Nazi pogroms here in OUR country! We must fight them, or loose our freedom! Call your congressmen, senators, demand that Piglosi, Schumer and their horde resign, or be removed by any LEGAL means possible! They are a threat to national security and our country! Come on republicans, grow a pair and demand OUR rights! We voted you in, now do your jobs by protecting us and our country!

  8. Expect this…it is all in their evil plan. Only God can change evil hearts. Praying for our nation….and our great President.

  9. Hopefully all of these saxoschytt will show up at the illegal installation of the old fool and the ho next week. I do hope they have their best party clothes on also. The troops are ready. There shouldn’t be any worries about good, solid Americans being hurt there because there won’t be any there. All the folks there will be commies, commie sympathizers and troops. My money is on law enforcement 100%. Raise all the hell y’all raised last summer!

  10. How about letting the red necks have a crack at blm and antifi then we will see who is still alive! Ok let see if two of my words describing the group’s i mentioned get through!

  11. Shoot the no- good bastards! How stupid can the press be to even acknowledge their presence? They need to be disbanded entirely and lock them up permanently. Democrats used them to discredit republicans- they are black trash!!

  12. Shoot them if they don’t move/ they are terrorists with no rights. Now them down like rats that they are. Make examples of them and keep killing until they disappear. Curious why the press and cops mollycoddle these terrorists????

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