Actor Jason Bateman urges Biden to make a big pre-midterm move

Actor Jason Bateman just urged President Joe Biden to use the country’s Emergency Alert System (EAS) to remind Americans to vote in the upcoming midterm elections, Mediaite reports

Can you sense the desperation? Or, are you too distracted by this leftist, elitist actor’s win-by-any-means-necessary attitude?

Bateman’s proposal

Bateman’s proposal came during Wednesday’s broadcast of the SmartLess podcast. There, Bateman, along with Sean Hayes and Will Arnett, discussed various political topics with their guest – Biden.

When discussing the upcoming midterm election, Bateman floated to Biden the possibility of using the EAS to remind people to vote in the midterms.

Here’s how Bateman tried to sell the idea:

With the midterms on our doorstep, okay, two thirds of the seats that are up for grabs and the midterms are trending to be won by admitted election deniers. And then, that means that elections and consequently democracy as a form of government will most likely be done away with or could be seriously threatened. This is what they’re saying that their plan is once elected. So doesn’t that current real forecast, even declaration, justify some kind of emergency alert that asks for maximum attention and participation from every single voter in America?

Subsequently, Bateman went on to clarify what he is talking about, asking Biden, “could I ask you to commit to consider over the next few days using your unique power as president to utilize the emergency alert system?”

Biden’s response

Biden began his response to Bateman by suggesting that he agrees with some of what the actor said, saying, “by the way, the point you’re making is the point.”

But, the president seemed to go on to shut Bateman’s idea of using the EAS down.

“For me to do what you’re suggesting, I imagine it would end up being a gigantic fight,” Biden said. “Whether I was using an emergency system designed to quote lives for political purposes.”

The red wave is coming

Behind Bateman’s desperation, here, is the fact that the midterm elections are now less than a week away and it is looking more and more likely that the Democrats are going to lose – big time.

Polls, as the midterms have drawn nearer, have been significantly trending in the Republicans’ favor. FiveThirtyEight now has Republicans “favored” to take back the House, and, although the forecaster still has the Senate as a “dead heat,” Republicans now appear to have a slight advantage.

This is why leftists are trying to pull out all of the stops. There’s not much good that we can give Biden credit for, but at least he showed some sense by shooting Bateman’s asinine idea down.