Actor Leslie Jordan, star of ‘Will and Grace’, dies in a car crash

NBC News reports that actor Leslie Jordan has died at the age of 67. 

TMZ reports, “law enforcement sources tell TMZ Jordan was driving in Hollywood Monday morning when it’s suspected he suffered some sort of medical emergency and crashed his BMW into the side of a building.”

The crash occurred at Cahuenga Boulevard and Romaine Street in Hollywood, California. The belief is that the medical emergency caused Jordan to lose control of his vehicle, leading to the crash. The exact medical emergency that Jordan suffered, though, remains unclear.

Jordan was pronounced dead at the scene at 9:38 a.m. on Monday.

Remembering Jordan

The Tennessee-born Jordan, who stood only 4 feet, 11 inches tall, is highly regarded for his acting and comedic abilities.

Jordan played roles in numerous, popular television shows, including The Cool Kids, Hearts Afire, Murphy Brown, American Horror Story, and more.

Jordan, though, was particularly well-known for his role as Beverley Leslie on Will & Grace, which earned him an Emmy. Jordan also appeared in numerous films, including Ski Patrol and The Help. 

Jordan became an even bigger star during the COVID pandemic by entertaining people via social media. He went from having 80,000 Instagram followers before the pandemic to now having 5.8 million followers, and this growth is largely attributable to his ability to provide people with lighthearted comedy.

“The world is . . . darker”

Jordan’s talent agent, Sarabeth Scheden, has put out a statement, saying, “the world is definitely a much darker place today without the love and light of Leslie Jordan.”

The statement continues:

Not only was he a mega talent and joy to work with, but he provided an emotional sanctuary to the nation at one of its most difficult times. What he lacked in height he made up for in generosity and greatness as a son, brother, artist, comedian, partner and human being. Knowing that he has left the world at the height of both his professional and personal life is the only solace one can have today.

Numerous individuals in the entertainment industry have also taken to social media to pay tribute to Jordan.

Dolly Parton was among them, writing:

Well I am as hurt and shocked as if I have lost a family member. Leslie and I had a special bond, I think the world felt they had a special bond with him. I know people always say “Oh, they will be missed,” but in this case that could not be more true. He will be missed by everyone who knew him personally and by everyone who was entertained by him. Rest in peace lil’ brother.