Adam Kinzinger frets Republicans will impeach Joe Biden ‘every week’

Adam Kinzinger, who voted to impeach Donald Trump, is deeply concerned that Republicans will do the same to President Joe Biden if they take back the House majority in next week’s midterm elections.

Joining MSNBC, Kinzinger (IL) blasted Republican threats to hold Biden to account as political theater, saying the GOP will try to impeach Biden “every week.”

Token Republican flips

Republicans are widely expected to reclaim the House and possibly the Senate as Biden’s deep unpopularity drags Democrats down with him.

But Kinzinger won’t be there in the new Congress, having chosen the cable news studio as his place of exile — much like Liz Cheney (Wy.), the other token Republican on the January 6th committee — after being pushed out of the GOP by his anti-Trump grandstanding.

Like Cheney, Kinzinger is openly rooting for Democrats in this year’s midterms.

When asked about the GOP’s plans to pursue Biden, Kinzinger said contemptuously, “it’s zero surprise.”

“I mean, it’s zero surprise. I think you are going to see an attempt to impeach Joe Biden, I say it facetiously but I may be right, every week. There’s always going to be somebody introducing a new bill to impeach Joe Biden,” he told MSNBC.

Kinzinger for “our democracy”

He proceeded to go into his trademark spiel about “country first” and saving “democracy” by ensuring Democrats get elected.

“We’ve endorsed some Democrats this year, particularly for secretary of state positions because they have to defend these elections,” he said. “We’re in a pretty bad moment so let’s all stand up and say this is unacceptable, for one moment, an uneasy alliance for democracy,” he added.

Kinzinger, in spite of his “bi-partisan” posturing, apparently thinks that Biden’s misdeeds — from selling out his country to China, to refusing to protect the nation’s borders — are trifles.

Biden has also shown quite the authoritarian streak, demonizing Republicans as enemies of “democracy” — a claim Kinzinger apparently agrees with.

Is Kinzinger sure that he’s a conservative?