Trump will likely be back on social media by spring, adviser says

Former President Donald Trump will likely get back on social media sometime this spring, though he may also be on different platforms than he was before, an adviser said this week.

“I do think we’re probably not that far off from seeing President Trump return to social media,” Trump senior adviser Jason Miller said during a Mediaite podcast.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube all banned Trump after the Capitol riot on January 6, saying that the risk of further violence was too great.

Facebook, YouTube may readmit Trump

Twitter said its bans were always permanent and it would not make an exception for Trump, even if he were elected president again. However, Facebook and YouTube said that they were considering reinstating Trump’s accounts at some future point.

Miller said he wouldn’t rule out a Trump return to Facebook or YouTube, but that he was leaning more toward a new platform.

“I would expect that by the end of spring, we will see President Trump back on social media, and I think it’ll be in some new platforms that maybe you haven’t seen before,” Miller repeated later in the broadcast.

He added, “It will be a tectonic plate shift in the world of social media because anything that he touches is going to be big. So I think there’s going to be some excitement on that front.”

Sources had previously said Trump might create his own social media platform after he rejected an offer for an ownership stake in Parler while he was still president.

Trump depended on Twitter as an integral part of his messaging and, by his own admission, spent a significant amount of time posting to the platform.

Social media — ally or opponent?

But social media also hurt Trump by censoring stories that could hurt Joe Biden’s candidacy while boosting stories detrimental to Trump.

If not for that censorship, voters in one poll said they would have easily re-elected Trump.

A new, free speech-committed social media platform may be Trump’s best chance to get a fair hearing and build a system that won’t shut conservatives down to gain an electoral advantage.

If anyone can force liberals to play fair, it’s Trump.

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24 Responses

  1. I’m not sure Trump should go on those platforms. It might hurt any chance of anything in the future.

    1. I share your fears, Samuel. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that conservatives must create our own platforms in order to surmount censorship. Look at NTD & Right Side Broadcasting. They got deplatformed for showcasing Trump events. What we need is a MAGA TV platform, like youtube, where Trump AND NTD, Right Side Broadcasting, Dr. Steve Turley, Bongino, etc etc etc can ALL post their videos. Bring OAN and NewsMax over to MAGA TV, as well.

      That would be PRICELESS. We can all see this is a singular moment in our history. For now, Trump is the Opposition Leader of a populist movement like nothing else in modern history. Trump voters ARE the Republican Party. We’ve stormed the castle and shut out the Globalists. Already Biden is sinking. There’s no question WE will decide the future of this nation. Our highest priority must be to hold that power and amplify it.

    2. Trump should start his own social media. He has people who could do that for him. Then he can say exactly what he wants to say and as much as he wants.

    3. I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of thinking he’d bow down to them! Best thing is get a new, inclusive platform so our voices can be heard!

  2. Shoot (no, not advocating violence) I like the way it is currently. I hear as much about Trump now as I did before without Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. It is great. I can find out from CNN when all of the violence will occur and then it will be on sites like this. Winning!!!!!

    1. Winning? You consider Biden-omics winning? Gas prices have gone up 70 cents since he became President. We are on track to lose more than 400,000 jobs because of his idiotic policies. The only winners here are China!

    2. Tell us you’re not watching the Clinton News Network. Not even airports want CNN. It’s such garbage.

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  4. My opinion he should gave Never been removed. He was the President of the United states, and he was like him or not He was the President of the United states of America. He never should have been disrespected or treated the way he was treated. A lot of people don’t always like the other Presidents that has held office in the past or now,but they were President and they should be respected as such. The DEMOCRATS have taken this whole mess out of context and they are trying to destroy good,honest,hard working people. The Big Tech,and the news,and social media has forgotten who made them successful and rich. Without the gard working dedicated people who have ysed,and bought their businesses they would be no more than any other person. It is a sad time in our country when these people reverse a situation. Instead of making a bad situation better,they just reversed the situation and putting good people down. It’s Shameful what they are doing. If the Military,or Supreme court don’t get this Democrat over reach in check our country will never be a family ORIENTED country or a free country. America is becoming a 3rd world country. Period.

    1. I agree with Lola Jeans. This country is becoming what we fought against since 1776 because of an ever growing number of subversives, especially in the former respected Democratic Party.

  5. “If anybody can get the liberals to play fair, it’s Trump.” I’m not sure even Trump can do that!

  6. I don’t understand conservatives. I tell everyone I know, you want to do the smart thing and hit these corporations where it hurts. Get off Facebook, Twitter and any other platform that restricts free speech for everyone not just the left. If the 76 million voters that voted for President Trump just dropped off these platforms you may see these companies take a different approach to how they do business. I think its at least worth a try. We as conservatives have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

    1. I am off and never going back. Never known such peace …..let the subversives do their worst.

    2. I agree completely I was kicked off FB for supporting Trump that where I figured out they only support the Communist democraps so I quit FB never going back to it never had twitter in first place

    3. I agree even all the gun manufacturers and magazines and the whole works. If they did that they would find that conservatives use those platforms as well and change their tune. But I think we just need sites that cater to free speech and conservative way of thinking. I know we shall probably get liberals because they just cant help causing trouble but hey it would still be open dialog.

  7. Their saying their POWER is even greater then the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES, time to shut them down, their a company not rulers over are country, end their fat ego trip, put them out of business…. The old saying is “hit them where it hurts, in their pockets” cut off their business.

  8. If biden gets a full 4 year term there may be nothing left of America that would be worth saving.

  9. From the tenor of this thread, it sounds like you want to hear from Trump, OAN, Newsmax, Maga TV but it says one thing. You want to live in your own reality. Note- Facts & the truth matter. Trump was not removed from Twitter for his opinion , but because he lied and never told the truth. He created his own version of “reality”. The election was not stolen, no matter how many times Trump, Rudy G, etc. made the false and unsubstantiated claims. He provoked violence and that is something that America should not standstill for.

    1. Hey Martin, nothing but hatred coming from you. We get it, you don’t like Trump and his followers.
      Your repertoire seems to be based on hindsight, which is the usual Liberal thing to do. What business is it of yours where People communicate with their supporters? Reality is truth backed up by facts and your perspective is just different. Removal from Twitter is no big deal like YOU think it is. The Election was stolen and you Lefties are living in Joe Biden’s dreamworld.
      Please be advised we like Rudy and believe in his integrity. The FBI has found that no Guns were used in the so called provoked violence by Trump when in fact, out of the 540 suspects, 275 have been arrested and no word yet on what they’re saying and yet, YOU know. Guilty before proven otherwise, right? I disagree with you Lefties, but I do not hate you, I just think you are poorly led.

    2. The truth matters! It is not always the same as what you read in the liberal papers or hear on the liberal TV

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