AG nominee Garland dodges GOP questions, including about Mexican cartels

Following his predecessor’s acquittal earlier this month in a Senate impeachment trial, the congressional confirmation process continues for President Joe Biden’s picks to fill top roles within his administration.

In an appearance before senators this week, Merrick Garland, Biden’s pick to be attorney general, provided some uninspiring responses — including to a question about how Mexican drug cartels exploit U.S. asylum laws to make cross-border smuggling easier.

Sen. Graham presses Garland

Garland, who had been nominated by former President Barack Obama to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court, offered a number of less than forthcoming answers to inquiries by GOP lawmakers during his Senate confirmation hearing on Monday.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), for example, confirmed that Garland had not personally visited the U.S.-Mexico border before sharing one tactic reportedly used by cartels to sneak into the nation illegally.

The senator explained that criminals are said to gather up groups of migrants who then “rush” the border at the same time in one concentrated area, only to seek asylum when ultimately apprehended by border patrol agents.

Such activity is allegedly intended to attract resources away from other areas along the border, decreasing the likelihood that drug smugglers and human traffickers would be detected and caught.

For his part, however, Garland could not provide a direct response because he claimed to have never heard of the phenomenon.

“The poison they put into our streets”

“I have not known about this and I will certainly look into this problem,” he said.

Nevertheless, Garland did go on to describe drug cartels as “a major menace to our society,” adding that “the poison they put into our streets is damaging communities of every kind.”

His response was cut short by Graham, who encouraged the nominee to visit the border soon to gain first-hand knowledge of what is actually happening.

Of course, Fox News noted that this was not the only issue about which Garland sought to dodge direct answers. He also skirted a question about whether unauthorized border crossings were even a crime, whether female sports leagues should be required to accept transgender athletes, and whether he would allow special counsel John Durham to complete an ongoing probe into the origins of the largely debunked probe of alleged Russian collusion in the 2016 Trump campaign.

Garland did, however, make it clear that he would prioritize an investigation into the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill, which he represented a “more dangerous period” than the 1995 bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City.

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23 Responses

  1. Mr Garland get out of Washington come into the real world close the friggin border and throw drug dealers in Quantonimo

    1. He’s not stupid or dumb. He’s dangerous and is out to prosecute conservative while allowing real criminals off for be democrat. Watch when he gets in. Bidens crime cndicate will be protected!

    2. Garland is dumb can’t see what this Drug Lord is doing in our border even killing our border patrol .what you will investigate Pelosi of what happens in the Capitol and throw her in Gitmo for not protecting the people in Capitol.Pelosi set this up dumbo Garland ..

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  3. I see it as a done deal….the wimpy GOP will just go along with the dems and confirm his nominationand this is why the voters will not go to the polls anymore to vote GOP. Garland looks to me to be another puppet of the illegitimate Biden administration.

  4. Garland was obama’s Pick for scotus, but couldn’t get confirmed, so now he is going to be A.G.? How does that happen? When Obama is running this “ sh** show” called the Biden administration that is how! We all know this is obama’s Third term, HE is telling joebama what to say and do, writing all the E.O’s dummy Biden is signing! Obama needs to be gone!

    1. obummer should have been put before a firing squad a long time ago. He was born in Kenya was not a legitimate president… which is also what biden is. Cheating lying joe may be demented, but he knows the cheating by the demonrats is why he is in OUR White House!

  5. It’s unfathomable that someone that uninformed could ever be an Attorney General. I watched most all of his senate questioning and was flabbergasted at how dumb he was. Especially when it came to the question of legality of crossing the border. We have a federal law against illegal entry on the books now that as a judge, he should have known about.

  6. Cartels made campaign pledges to allow Mexicans access the boarder in order to allow free’er drug flow across the boarder.

  7. AG nominee Merrick Garland compares the Domestic Terrorists at the Capitol in DC on January 6, 2021 to the Domestic Terrorists that planted a bomb at a Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. The Domestic Terrorists that KILLED 168 PEOPLE, INCLUDING 19 YOUNG CHILDREN and INJURED MORE THAN 650 PEOPLE and DAMAGED OR DESTROYED OVER 300 BUILDINGS in the immediate area! He should be ashamed telling lies in hopes of changing our history to fit his agenda. Truth matters!

  8. There must be some way to keep our Country afloat! The Executive Orders recently signed and changes in laws/rules to allow our borders open and even to allow Kerry to visit Iran as our Representative are all insane. (Kerry gave them money galore and freedom to build nuclear weapons of strength as they wish, no caveat for our inspections necessary. His daughter is married to an Iranian who is the son of an Iranian Diplomat.) We need someone to reign in the new very nimble President. AND it will not be Kamala Harris.

  9. Garland is not the representation best for America. We figured that out in the Obama Administration. Any way to keep Obama out of the Oval Office? Perhaps find a Democrat, with brains, and a loyalty to our Country, Our Constitution, our Laws/Rules for stability and Freedom to advise and back the new nimble President. Get him on track and keep him there. A great Covert Operation may just do it. It would make a good movie.

  10. Garland should NOT be confirmed! Joe Manchin, Kirsten Sinema, ALL Republican senators, do your job! Vote against this confirmation! We are watching!

  11. I sure hope we have Senators smart enough to not confirm this character. When are we ever getting an AG that is willing to follow the law and get things done legally and be wise enough to know that is doesn’t depend on the label Democrat/Republican but who is the real source of the problem and it doesn’t depend on political party or race. We need someone that gets back to the truth and not filled with lies that have distorted their thinking. Will be hard to find today!!

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