Campaign aide indicates Biden might not campaign in person before Election Day

Although Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has faced some criticism for campaigning largely from his Delaware home amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, his advisers apparently believe the strategy is working.

According to a new report citing one Biden campaign aide, the former vice president might not campaign in person at all in the months leading to Election Day because he has “new confidence” that the virtual events can effectively reach voters.

Different approaches

The suspension of in-person campaigning — which means a break from the tradition of chartering a campaign jet — is not the only unconventional aspect of the Biden campaign.

As Politico reported earlier this month, the Trump campaign had knocked on a million doors during the preceding week. Meanwhile, Biden’s team had knocked on zero.

His approach to the campaign illustrates a fundamental difference in the approach he has advocated in response to COVID-19 and the strategy pursued by the Trump administration.

The president has frequently expressed a desire for the nation’s economy, schools, and churches to reopen, while Biden has floated bold federal proposals including a nationwide mask mandate and potentially another widespread shutdown.

While the Biden campaign apparently feels that the current environment will allow the candidate to remain largely detached from voters, a lack of campaigning in key battleground states was linked to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 electoral loss.

“Sits in his basement”

Despite the confident tone being expressed by Biden surrogates, this week’s Democratic National Convention and the prior announcement of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as his running mate have done little to widen his lead over Trump in leading polls.

Some new reports show the president’s approval rating has surged in recent days. The Trump campaign has attempted to capitalize on Biden’s remote status, including in a social media ad released earlier this month.

“Deep in the heart of Delaware, Joe Biden sits in his basement,” a caption reads. “Alone. Hiding. Diminished.”

That ad also denounced Biden as a pawn of the “crazy far-left” faction of his party.

Combined with concerns over his cognitive function, there are plenty of reasons his handlers might want to keep him isolated at home as much as possible.

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