Alabama sheriff’s captain fired over support of constitutional carry

An Alabama sheriff’s captain was fired for his support of a constitutional carry bill. 

Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran admitted to sacking Shane Stringer, a Republican state representative, “because of different political views.”

Views “ran afoul” of sheriff’s

Stringer joined the sheriff’s office in 2018, the same year he was elected to the Alabama state House, reported. The outlet reported that Stringer’s views “ran afoul” of Cochran’s.

“Sheriff Sam Cochran made the decisions Wednesday, May 12, because of different political views held by his administration,” Cochran’s spokeswoman said.

Stringer’s bill, House Bill 618, would allow Alabama residents to handle concealed pistols without a permit.

Law enforcement personnel have opposed the bill, which they claim would make their jobs more dangerous, notes.

Stringer also supports bills that would ban state and local law police from enforcing federal gun laws and executive orders, echoing similar “Second Amendment sanctuary” proposals that have swept through red states in response to the Biden administration’s gun control agenda.

“Nothing will discourage me”

Responding to the firing, Stringer said he is “proud to stand in defense of the Second Amendment gun rights of Alabamians despite being fired by Mobile Sheriff Sam Cochran for his position on the issue” and said that police are opposed to constitutional carry for financial reasons.

“The U.S. Constitution does not say you have a right to keep and bear arms as long as you pay what amounts to a gun tax in the form of permit fees. It says you have the right to keep and carry firearms, period,” he said.

Stringer, a former Satsuma police chief, also said he was “surprised” by the firing and implied that “factions” in Alabama have the same agenda as the Democratically-controlled federal government.

“After dedicating my life and career to law enforcement, losing a job because I stand in support of Alabama gun owners is certainly surprising, but nothing will discourage me from defending the constitutional guarantees promised to all of us as American citizens,” Stringer said.

“The Second Amendment gun rights of Alabamians are under attack from a liberal federal government that is out of control and even from some factions right here at home,” he added.

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  5. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    Will here is a political sheriff , San Cochran who should not hold any office in any kind of our government. Politics should never come into our law enforcement offices.

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