All charges dropped against Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend for shooting police officer

The boyfriend of Breonna Taylor is off the hook for shooting a police officer involved in the fatal raid that killed his girlfriend.

A judge dropped all charges against Kenneth Walker with prejudice, meaning that they cannot be filed again, The Hill reported.

He’s off the hook

Walker was charged with assault and attempted murder of a police officer for shooting a cop as three plainclothes officers were attempting to serve a drug warrant early one morning in March 2020.

The police maintain that they announced themselves, but Walker and social justice activists have said that it was an unannounced “no-knock” raid that ended in police brutality.

Walker fired a single shot, striking Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly in the leg, and the cops responded with 32 shots. Taylor was killed in the crossfire.

Jefferson Circuit Judge Olu Stevens ruled Monday that all charges against Walker will be dropped for good, after an investigation found that there was no additional evidence to justify prosecuting him. The charges were initially dismissed in May without prejudice.

Last week, Jefferson Commonwealth’s Attorney Tom Wine moved to dismiss the charges with prejudice, saying that “no new information relevant to the charges against (Walker) in this matter has been brought to commonwealth’s attention.”

Shooting galvanized unrest

Walker welcomed that news on Instagram. “They dropped them charges,” he said. “I’m blessed for sure but there’s a lot more to be done we gonna get justice for Breonna Taylor.”

Walker has said that he was acting in self-defense against what he thought was a home invasion. He sued Louisville in September, seeking immunity from prosecution under Kentucky’s “stand your ground law” and damages for the shooting. Judge Stevens dismissed the immunity request as “moot.”

In a statement, Walker’s lawyer said that Louisville and the cops used Walker as a “pawn” and a “scapegoat” for “an improper raid gone bad.”

Mattingly has filed his own lawsuit against Walker over the shooting, which required him to get surgery.

Taylor’s death was one of the most high-profile cases that drove protests and riots against police last summer after the death of George Floyd, as Louisville and other cities erupted in violence. The city saw more unrest after no charges were brought against the cops involved in the shooting in September.

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22 Responses

  1. Police are little more than target practice now for LEFT-wing extremists groups, with the democrats’ blessings and a Harris slush fund to get the perpetrator out of charges.

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    Request Header Or Cookie Too Large
    nginx/1.17.8 Again big tech, blocked again. You cannot control the lies or the fraud or the insane cheating.
    I discovered that Roy Blunt of Missouri is a RINO.
    Thanks for nothing Roy Blunt.

    1. Just like Peter meijer here in Michigan. He is a RINO as well. He is exactly like Justin amash who we voted out. He voted to impeach President Trump. Had I known President Trump recommended Affendoulas I would have voted for her. Instead I believed the lies Meijer told. He has ruined his political career.

  4. Big tech, big money, big jerks, could you drop the black box that covers the site I’m on. You are so sick and unaware.

  5. I was an officer for over 30 years and my advice to all police officers in Louisville Ky. is to leave and leave immediately. When the judges and the prosecutors are against the police and on the side of blm and such you would be smart to find another department. Now that this has happened it will only get worse.
    LEAVE and leave now or you could be next. No doubt if they believe a man living with a woman who is connected with criminals that the next time they will not believe the police. GET while you still have a good reputation and have not be prosecuted or in jail.

  6. That’s pretty bad when someone can shoot a police officer and gets off for it. If there had been no shooting in the first place by the crooks, to where the police responded. The women wouldn’t have been killed. But no! Liberal judges have tied the hands of the police. These thugs wants to be able to run free to do as they will. Therefore, it was unfortunate that it happened! But, it wouldn’t have happened if they were not committing crimes by shooting at the police. Do you agree to defund the police? If you do! Then you deserve what you get when they’re not available. And don’t cry if you’re a criminal and committing a crime and someone shoots you!

  7. Congratulations, You have successfully made the people of the United States the stupidest people on the globe now. Your mother must be so proud.

  8. Wounder if he would of got off if that police officer would of died when he shot him….how many innocent American citizens lost their lives when antifa and BLM were terrorizing those Democratic cities…yet none were held responsible

  9. He will re offend again, he “ got off” on the charges of shooting an officer, so now he thinks he can do as he pleases, no repercussions!

  10. Are you kidding me “ feared home invasion”? He’s a drug dealer. Everybody in the neighborhood, far and wide, knows you don’t hit a drug dealers residents. Even people on PLUTO know better then that. When cops started yelling POLICE at the top of their lungs he should have stopped firing at the cops. When have you ever heard home invaders yelling Police. Home invaders don’t usually expect the victims to be armed. Is our legal system that lame?

  11. Ms Taylor died because the police acted stupidly. Whether or not they yelled Police at the start is not relevant. It was Ms. Taylor’s residence She may have had poor choice in boy friends is also irrelevant. The police could have busted the boyfriend when he was not in her residence. He had to leave some time to get and sell his drugs. did they not know Ms. Taylor was in the residence or did they not care. I have seen or heard no evidence she was also a drug dealer. Even if she was a user, that is not a capital offense.
    Years ago, law enforcement made the same foolish move at the Branch Dividians Compound in Waco Texas. They should have busted David Koresh when he made a trip to town which they knew he did regularly. Many innocent people died in the resulting shootout and fire. Police raids must consider whether or not there are innocents that are likely to caught in the line of fire. Police learn to bust criminals when it is positively known there are innocents in the line of fire. No criminals arrest is worth the killing of innocents. For the record I very much support the police but not when they start fire fights that kill innocents.

  12. The guy shot a Policeman during a Police takedown. He is guilty of shooting a Policeman on duty. Now, it is not enough that he is free even though guilty of shooting and Officer….he brags that he is going to get revenge for his girlfriend, Breonna. What an idiot. You cannot fix stupid. No wonder the jails/prisons are full to over flow.

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