Allegations that Gov. DeSantis used vaccines for political purposes fall apart amid scrutiny

NBC News reporter Corky Siemaszko recently authored a report alleging that Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis let political favoritism determine who would receive the COVID-19 vaccine first.

His claims quickly came under fire by Twitter users and pundits alike as the story circulated widely on social media.

“Ignored federal guidelines”

In his article, Siemaszko wrote that the governor “ignored federal guidelines and prioritized getting senior citizens” inoculated because he recognized “the political gold in those precious doses.”

The report went on to assert that survivors of the Holocaust and the Cuban Bay of Pigs invasion were among the first to receive shots, noting that DeSantis was conspicuous in his celebration of that fact.

Furthermore, the reporter claimed that DeSantis is facing accusations that he used the vaccine “to reward powerful political supporters and developers by setting up pop-up vaccination sites in planned communities they developed and where GOP voters predominate.”

Siemaszko went on to contend that a “prominent” DeSantis donor had ties to one of those vaccination sites. Fox News reported that NBC News has since had to retract that claim.

Also at issue was the governor’s decision to be present when a 94-year-old Korean War veteran received a televised injection.

“Far and away the most vulnerable”

The article did not go over well with various critics, however, including GOP strategist Matt Whitlock, who tweeted that it amounted to “an absurd botched hit piece,” pointing out that elderly people are most at risk for dying of COVID-19.

Another Twitter user issued a similar denouncement, writing: “You’re literally criticizing him for vaccinating seniors first, who are far and away the most vulnerable, as opposed to the Cuomo model of killing them and covering it up.”

That tweet included a reference to Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is facing mounting backlash over reports that his administration underreported the true death toll of nursing home residents in his state who died after contracting the virus.

The Cuomo scandal dates back to his decision last year to force nursing homes and other assisted-living facilities to readmit convalescing residents after they had been treated for COVID-19.

In August, the Department of Justice announced that it would be requesting nursing home data from New York and several other Democratic-led states with similar policies.

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13 Responses

  1. More bs from the lying media….now that Trump is gone, they need something else to keep from seeking further.

    1. Trump isnt gone! Still our President! god willing, we are watching a movie Biden was taken to Guantanamo last year, Trump still has the nuclear! HOLD THE LINE! THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

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  4. So sick of hearing the liberals whine and the lying reporter.
    So jealous the all are.
    Grow up tires of the Deceit and whining. Get a life act like adults and human beings not like the Nazis. Let’s get this country together but Biden lied also he will never get this country together.

  5. Did anyone notice none of the Democrats got covid? They were all around people with no masks. I am sure they took a flu shot not the Covid shot, because too many have died from the shot.

  6. Governor DeSantis is the best governor that Florida has ever had, at least in the last century. He uses COMMON SENSE which apparently the news media and democrats do not know where to find it, but if they will listen to Governor DeSantis and a couple other governors, they might learn something. DeSantis has allowed our children to go to school, small businesses to stay open to help people who need to work etc. He KNOWS Floridians have common sense and will not gather in close quarters to spread something that can be kept at bay. Now you know why people want to move to Florida. I was lucky enough to be 4th generation born here. If more of the people claiming to be government would use that big ball on their shoulders and the stuff between the ears, like DeSantis and Trump(yes, Trump) does, this country would again be the envy of the world instead of laughing stock because of who we have in government that want to fight anyone who is sensible, and those who want to sell us out for a few dollars. Remember, in the Bible it is said, “The love of money is the root of all evil” and many in government in the White House are millionaires wanting more. GOD BLESS AMERICA and the people in government who use what He gave them.

  7. Another attack on a Trump supporter. I an sure it would be a waste of time for the reporter to be slapped hard with a lawsuit but it would do my heart good. The media no long has any honor or honesty !!!

  8. The Democrats can’t stand it when Republicans does something that works. They haven’t done anything except make a mess of this country. They doctored the ballots until their hero, Biden stole the election, the most incompetent, unqualified person in the country had enough ballots to get him elected, and they are bragging about he is our president. They are so dumb that they are proud of what they have done and what Biden has done . Never mind that he is killing this country, that’s not important to them, just the power they have now. Do they think it will only effect the Republicans? Talk about dumb. They are cutting their own throats as well as the republicans. They stupid things they are doing will cause the same problems for everybody. Somebody will have to pay for what they are doing, and it wont be just the Republicans.

  9. Governor De Santis is one of the best governors ever! He takes care of his people, his state, and doesn’t back down! And he will not be intimidated! I wish we in Arizona had a Governor like him, what a difference that would make! He truly is a great Governor! If he decides to run for the presidency, I will vote for him!

  10. These damn reporters who are all democrats are always lying to the people of this country. The Gov. of Fla. did the right thing for the people of his state. He won’t have anything to do with the damn democrats because they always want to make everything turn out bad. The people of this country should put all the democrats completely out of any government office that they hold.

  11. I think FL Governor DeSantis is being punished by not being allowed much of a volume in vaccines against WuHan Virus. BTW Why isn’t China providing vaccine? Or at least paying for it…I do not trust them to provide it. I am over 80 and I call daily to try to get on a list for the next supply of vaccines BUT they will not take your name until the last minute But when you call they are already scheduled to give all they have received. SICK. Perhaps it is dangerous and we are protected from GOD to not be able to get it.

  12. He defied the big shutdown scam & Florida did great. The muzzles they want everyone to wear all the time, everywhere just didn’t happen down there & shows what a scam this whole this is. Where were the flu death totals for 2020? Why did the death totals overall not go up due to the Wuhan Buhan? The elderly shutins/nursing home people are sitting ducks to anything deadly, sure they should get any vaccine for anything first if they can tolerate it. DeSantis is a great American & governor. MAGA

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