Almost 80% in new poll say they are against trans surgeries for minors

A new Trafalgar Group poll found that nearly 80% of voters are opposed to trans procedures, including puberty blockers, for minors. according to Newsmax

The vast majority, 78.7%, said that minors should wait until they are adults to have any procedures done to alter their gender, while 21.3% said they should not wait.

Just under half of Democrats, 46.8%, said that minors should wait until adulthood for trans procedures, while 96.8% of Republicans said they should wait.

Independents more closely mirrored Republicans than Democrats, with 84.6% saying they should wait while 15.4% said they should not wait.

A time of many changes

The poll may be surprising to some progressive Democrats, who think that children of any age should be able to get trans procedures if they say they are or want to be the opposite gender.

Studies including one as recent as 2013 have shown that 80% or more of children who say they identify as the opposite gender revert back to their biological gender by adulthood.

That would be a lot of children who have done irreversible things to their bodies who would go on to change their minds later and be stuck with the consequences of their childhood decisions.

Even puberty blockers and hormone therapy can cause changes in people’s bodies that can never be fully reversed, including sterility for some biological women who take testosterone and men who take estrogen. Other changes include heart problems and premature osteoporosis in biological women.

Causing damage

It’s easy to see that allowing these procedures to be done on children can cause damage to their lives and that it will be less damaging to wait until adulthood to make those decisions.

Sadly, though, some have now been so brainwashed by the left’s woke agenda that they can’t see it’s a terrible idea to set in motion changes that most children will later decide they don’t actually want.

The medical community has in most cases embraced the transgender agenda with astonishingly few questions, with a few outliers like Johns Hopkins who recognized that transgender surgeries were not the panacea for recipients’ mental health that they have been made out to be.

Doctors who support this kind of healthcare for minors do not follow the science, but the American people who are actually encountering these situations know what is right.