‘It’s amazing’: Biden’s call to NASA includes claim that Indian-Americans are ‘taking over the country’

President Joe Biden is facing mounting criticism over his reluctance to give a solo press conference more than a month into his term.

Considering his awkward, if not offensive, phone call this week with NASA’s Perseverance team, it might not be hard to see why he is hesitant to address reporters on his own. For starters, Biden marveled at how “amazing” he believed it was to see Indians “taking over” the United States.

“We’re such a diverse country”

The purpose of his call was to congratulate the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory on its successful rover landing on Mars — but it soon became evident that the president’s mind was somewhere else as he began weighing in on issues related to demographic trends.

Speaking to Dr. Swati Mohan, Biden seemed to be engaging in a bizarre form of flattery by commenting on the rise in prominence of the Indian-American community.

“It’s amazing,” he declared. “Indian — of descent — Americans are taking over the country. You, my vice president, my speechwriter Vinay.”

In addition to Mohan, Biden referred to Kamala Harris and Vinay Reddy, both of whom have Indian ancestry. Later in the same call, the president attempted to tie in his thoughts about the benefits of cultural diversity.

“One of the reasons why we’re such an incredible country is we’re such a diverse country,” Biden said, according to the New York Post. “We bring the best out of every single solitary culture in the world, here in the United States of America, and we give people an opportunity to let their dreams run forward.”

“Am I supposed to speak now?”

Of course, this was far from his first foray into controversial remarks about minority populations — including an apparent joke in 2006 that “you cannot go to a 7/11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.”

His recent statements suggest little has changed over the years, aside from the perception among many Americans that the garrulous politician is exhibiting signs of cognitive decline. As one example, he began the NASA call by asking: “Am I supposed to speak now?”

Biden went on to tell NASA scientists that they had “restored a dose of confidence” across the U.S. and around the world that “America is back” following mounting doubts about the nation’s stature.

“Your kids are going to be studying about when democracy once again re-established it can do anything, as opposed to autocracies that can just command things,” he added.

The president’s rambling remarks continued as he compared himself to a “poor relative” who overstays his welcome. The NASA call came just one day after an uncanny scene at a House Democratic Caucus event when the president said that he was “happy to take questions” if that was what he was “supposed to do,” as the New York Post reported. Moments later, a live feed of the event cut out.

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55 Responses

  1. A President asking his handlers whether he was supposed to take questions now ? And is he supposed to speak now ? OMG……

    We have a child in the white house ….. or worse than that .. a puppet on a string.

      1. Nor mine. He is in need of a full mental evaluation and then placed in appropriate residence for care. WE cannot ever let another election be stolen from us. This is such a black mark on our country that we are laughing stocks of other countries now.

    1. exactly and it going to get worse, just as long as some stupid and dishonest Repub rinos put up with this crap, damn it America push back.

    2. Joe Biden is in his dotage and it shows when he goes offscript. Teleprompting is difficult too because his reading capability is slowing too.

  2. The democraps have given us a president far worse than Carter. Quite a reach but they have done it. On top of that they have provided us wth a vice pres that is even worse.

    1. I completely agree with you Bill. We know how he was elected and it was not by the voters. We are smarter than that.

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  4. Biden is an a moron and an idiot and is destroying America with his unlawful executive orders.

    1. I agree. He is losing it and the people who didn’t vote for him are the ones who are suffering. The man is an idiot. I can’t believe the democrats thought he was the best choice.

  5. How much longer do we wait to impeach this President, how much more proof is needed?????……We all knew about his incompetence even before he was installed as President, because we also know that he was installed and not elected!

    1. Unfortunately a lot longer, because crooked Kamala is next and she is worse – even the Dems don’t want her.
      I wish SCOTUS had looked at all the voter fraud evidence and we can get them out.

  6. Biden has dementia so bad that they don’t want the American people hear him speak. He can not complete a sentence without going off track or forgeting what he was supposed to say. Abuse of an elderly person at its best. He is not fit to be President. A sad state of affairs we have in office at the White House.

  7. he should have NEVER been elected —he has lost all his marbles and he doesnt have many –what a total mistake it was elected him–it is shameful that everyone is covering for him and

  8. Can you believe that our stupid senators in Washington are just standing by letting this biden continue to lead tghis country, what if something cricital comes up that biden has to make a decision on this is no laughing matter get him the hell out of there and get someone with a sane mind in there before every other country in the world laughs us out of the world !!!

    1. I agree but DO NOT WANT KAMALA and she will take Joe’s Place, after Kamala is NANCY, can you believe that?????

  9. I can’t believe how he got elected in the FIRST place!!! Look at all the good things that President Trump accomplished!

    1. You can’t believe how he got elected!! Pleeeese, he didn’t get elected…he was illegally ( by fraud) installed.

    2. He didn’t get elected . The corrupt democratic leaders rigged the election so that it would look like he won.

  10. This is sad. This is elder abuse. This man has dementia and loosing his cognitive ability to talk intelligibly. He is being exploited. His family and Democratic Party should be held accountable for letting it get this far. This man is not capable of running a country.

    1. What about his wife and kids to let this happen? I just don’t get that They like their father and husband being made a fool of ? Wth. Sad

  11. Joe Biden was elected because he is a buffoon. The democrats knew he was a racist idiot. Media was payoff to defend this idiot. American people were to stupid and lazy to see it. Thanks you voters for your stupidity. You helped destroy America. You make me sick.

  12. Looks like the republicians and democrats are just as bad as biden…….are they even try to do anything what so ever to get him out of office, that makes them as bad as he is does it not ???

  13. Lets all give thanks to AG Barr, director Wray and the SCOTUS for helping to destroy the Constitution.

  14. Biden is still in the basement,he walks like an old man.They put him in front of the tv all day while they run the country.Obama,Harris,Schumer ,Polise.People aren’t as dumb as you think we know what you are doing. Cheaters never win we know you rigid the election.More and more is finally coming out,you will be caught.”COMMIES”

  15. I just want to know whose orders they actually are. We all know he just sits and Signs anything they throw at him. you can see the hollow eyed look when he looks at anything. As for worse president Obambo took that from Carter. At least Carter had real job before the presidency.

  16. I can agree with one thing biden said Indians and some Pakistans have taken over the country own all gas station and small grocery stores and hire south Americans now they are
    buying liquor and pizza places

  17. Impeach Piglosi, Biden, Harris , Schumer and the squad! Nothing will get done to save the country till they are gone! Piglosi,wearing her “ cardboard crown, holding her cement scepter, sitting upon her high horse” and dictating everything MUST be out of congress. SHE is the enemy in OUR house!

  18. Old Joe doesn’t threaten anything or anybody. The dude is asleep and nobody is paying any attention to him as he rambles on incoherently. The nation is moving on without him.

  19. Old Joe has been going around asking his wife “Where are we?” This is serious for our nation, folks.

  20. Joe Biden always falls flat on his face. Biden don’t even know where he is more than half the time. Biden should have never been the president of this country. Biden is not fit for the job.

  21. The first thing that still needs to be addressed is the election fraud.

    This country deserves a lot better. If Biden knows there was vote fraud he should have asked for an independent prosecutor.

    Richard Nixon’s people were caught red handed at Watergate, and Nixon finally flew out of Washington deposed.
    We must restore our honesty, dignity, and integrity Now. It is not too late.

    Americas moral crisis is the abortion issue. Just ask Jonathan Cahn.

  22. Think it bad now???? Check out the line of succession after MR Biden is removed as the outgoing President, should occur no later than September 2021

  23. The Democrats ruined their party…FOR GOOD! IF the Republicans were smart, they would set up a Republican candidate, that the American people liked, and get them ready to get in there.

  24. After reading this article and reevaluating Biden’s recent gaffes, I am more convinced that Biden totally gone mentally. The charade needs to STOP. The American people need to know and know now! National guard troops called to the southern border as emergency erupts over illegals pouring in! NO MORE KIT GLOVES handling of this President, we need to know.

  25. For the sake of our country , our children, and the safety of the world Biden needs to be recalled, impeached, retired whatever it takes to legally remove him from office. We need to have another election monitored equally by members of both parties, then hopefully we can all support the winner.

  26. In my opinion, Dr/Mrs Biden should ashamed and held accountable for this aggressions elder abuse of her husband!! I wonder what’s in it for her???

  27. Damn, awesome site. I in fact discovered this on aol, and im delighted I did. I will without a doubt be coming back here more often. wish i could add to the posts here as well as deliver a bit more to the table, however am just reading and absorbing just as much facts as I can right now.

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