Ocasio-Cortez claims America is ‘not an advanced society’

2020 may be just around the corner, but to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), it might as well be 1939.

The far-left Democrat claimed that “fascism” is overtaking America in a campaign speech for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) this weekend, in which she also diagnosed the United States as backward and in need of vast improvement. America is “not an advanced society,” the progressive firebrand said at the Sanders rally in Los Angeles.

The moment was caught on video. Watch: 

AOC: America “not advanced”

Responding to critics who find her idealism too ’emotional,’ Ocasio-Cortez said that it’s not an “irrational, overly feeling, sympathetic statement” to want to build a “loving society.” Building on remarks from a fellow Democratic Socialist activist, Harvard professor Cornel West, Ocasio-Cortez contradicted the classic claims of American exceptionalism — that America is the most powerful, most prosperous, and most free country in the world.

Ocasio-Cortez claimed that America is instead succumbing to fascism under President Donald Trump, who she previously accused of constructing “concentration camps” at the southern border. The Democrat argued that America is a wealthy country where most of the spoils go to a few people at the top, and urged progressives to support a more equitable future where free college and healthcare are guaranteed.

“What we’re living in right now is not an advanced society,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “It is fascism, what we have, what we’re evolving into, as well,” she said, responding to a heckler who shouted the ‘f’ word to describe America under Trump.

She went on to say that Sanders’ movement was “decades in the making” and urged, “We cannot go back to a world where the rich are put first and working people are put last in Washington day in and day out.”

She also joined Sanders in snubbing Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, whose closed-door fundraisers in “wine caves” have become an issue in the Democratic primary campaign under pressure from Sanders and fellow presidential contender Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

Who’s the elite?

While even some conservatives might agree that America has entered a new Gilded Age, one in which a small group of “elites” hold most of the power, it would be a stretch to call America a “right-wing” fascist regime, to say the least. Tell that to the man in Iowa who was just sentenced to sixteen years in prison for burning an LGBT pride flag.

While Ocasio-Cortez couches her rhetoric in terms of inequality, she has often condemned the United States and its history in more blanket terms — not merely as an admonition to improve the lot of the masses, but as an indictment of America itself. The Democrat has claimed that “white supremacy” is America’s “original sin” and a “virus” that hasn’t been eradicated, and she is a staunch advocate of open borders.

Indeed, while Ocasio-Cortez decries the “elite,” is the Democratic party still the party of the working person? The party’s “moderate” frontrunner, Joe Biden, said he would be willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of blue-collar jobs to pursue the green agenda just last week.

Ocasio-Cortez may not realize it, but the “elites” are on her side, not the Republicans who support President Trump. The “fascism” she sees in America is a projection of her own party’s power fantasies.

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