Video shows Amy Coney Barrett, family headed to DC for SCOTUS announcement

With sources reporting as early as Saturday morning that President Donald Trump would choose federal Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill the Supreme Court spot left vacant by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, it wasn’t surprising to see her leave her Indiana home with her family ahead of the nomination announcement Saturday evening — though the attacks that followed were nothing short of heartbreaking.

According to Breitbart, NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell shared video footage of Barrett’s leavetaking on Saturday, just hours before Trump revealed her as his pick for SCOTUS. Like clockwork, Democrats pounced, blasting Barrett for everything from her faith to her family.

Barrett, her husband, and six of their seven children were flown by Special Air Mission military aircraft to Washington, D.C. ahead of the announcement, the Daily Mail reported.

Barrett: Mom and lawyer

According to the Daily Mail, Barrett’s children range in age from 8 to 18, including two that she and her husband adopted from Haiti. Her youngest child has Down syndrome.

Barrett said in a recent interview on that she considered becoming a stay-at-home mom despite having a law degree, but decided to accept a part-time teaching position at the University of Notre Dame, her alma mater. She later clerked for former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Barrett said her husband Jesse handles some of the parenting responsibilities, like making doctor’s appointments and cooking meals for the family. He has always supported Barrett’s work, she added in her interview.

If Barrett is confirmed as a Supreme Court justice, her family would presumably move to Washington, D.C. She would be only the fifth female to sit on the high court.

A confirmation likely

It is likely that Barrett will be confirmed to the court, since Senate Democrats have no way to stop her confirmation, holding just 47 seats in the upper chamber. If previous confirmation hearings have set a precedent, however, Democrats will continue to do everything they can — including fighting nasty and lying — to stop her from taking that seat.

The left is up in arms thinking that another conservative will get a seat on the high court. They think abortion and Obamacare are toast if Barrett is confirmed — and they could be right, at least on the federal level.

The outcome of the election could have a lot to do with how Democrats seek to even the playing field. If Democratic nominee Joe Biden is elected and Democrats gain the majority in the Senate, some have mentioned increasing the number of justices that sit on the court to add more liberals into the mix and regain their power there, a practice called court-packing that is legal but nonetheless deeply worrisome.

With any luck, however, voters will opt to avoid that option altogether and re-elect President Trump to the White House come Nov. 3.

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