Amy Coney Barrett could have book deal canceled by woke activists

The childless liberal wine ladies who control the publishing industry are going after Amy Coney Barrett, saying the accomplished mother and jurist shouldn’t be allowed to publish her new book because she voted to overturn Roe v. Wade.

A hand-wringing letter signed by hundreds of staffers in the far-left industry called on Penguin Random House to cancel Barrett’s upcoming book, the Washington Times reported.

Cancel mob comes for ACB

The letter’s authors, which included employees at major publishers like Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, MacMillan and Penguin Random House as well as Barnes & Noble employees and one barista, said they wouldn’t sit idly by as the industry “misuses free speech [emphasis added] to destroy our rights.”

They began their letter with some throat-clearing about how they “care deeply about freedom of speech” and insisted they are not calling for censorship.

“This is not just a book that we disagree with, and we are not calling for censorship,” they wrote.

“Many of us work daily with books we find disagreeable to our personal politics. Rather, this is a case where a corporation has privately funded the destruction of human rights with obscene profits.”

The Supreme Court in June overturned Roe, ruling that there is no right to an abortion in the Constitution and leaving the decision to regulate abortion in the hands of the people through their representatives.

Liberal outrage

By interpreting the Constitution in a way that liberals find objectionable, Barrett was “inflicting her own religious and moral agenda upon all Americans,” the letter’s authors complained.

While dismissing the decision of an independent branch of the United States government, the letter’s authors deferred to the decrees of international liberal organizations like the United Nations and the lib NGO Human Rights Watch, which was founded by former Random House publisher Robert L. Bernstein.

International human rights organizations widely recognize abortion access as a fundamental human right and have condemned the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision,” the letter said.

Democrats and their media allies have claimed the Supreme Court lost “legitimacy” during its last term when it overturned Roe, but the court’s liberal members have defended their conservative colleagues from these attacks.

Liberals were up in arms again as the court heard arguments Monday in another explosive controversy — affirmative action.