Analysis shows Trump’s net worth has fallen as much as $700M since 2016

When Donald Trump first threw his hat in the ring for the White House in 2015, he knew he was placing his personal fortune and his business empire on the line. Now, it’s become clear that his time in office indeed took a toll on the former president and his family — especially financially.

According to The Hill, a recent analysis estimated that Trump’s net worth has fallen by as much as $700 million since he was inaugurated in January 2016.

The president’s net worth was pegged at around $3 billion in 2016; in 2021, it now sits at $2.3 billion, The Hill reports.

A hard hit

In its report, The Hill cited a study from Bloomberg News, which took a deep dive into public information about Trump’s financial state.

The outlet’s investigation reportedly included thorough reviews of the former president’s financial disclosure forms and loan documents, as well as “interviews with former executives and industry analysts.” The Trump Organization declined to comment, however.

The analysis showed that Trump was hurt not just by negative media attention — which ramped up amid a partisan impeachment push earlier this year — but also by the coronavirus; business closures and lockdowns implemented by state and local governments in light of the pandemic reportedly wreaked havoc on the former president’s real estate empire, with his commercial properties like office buildings and resorts taking the hardest hit.

Bloomberg concluded that Trump’s commercial real estate portfolio is currently valued at around $1.7 billion, down about 26% since 2016. Meanwhile, the former president’s resorts and hotels, valued at approximately $559 million, looked to be down around 42% since 2015.

Bouncing back

Trump also reportedly lost money on his residential real estate properties, his licensed branding, his aircraft fleet and books, and his entertainment income and royalties, The Hill noted.

There were a few potential bright spots on the post-presidency horizon for Trump’s finances, however — namely, his golf courses and winery, which have held fairly steady despite media-driven controversies and the ongoing pandemic.

In addition, it’s likely that Trump will write and publish a memoir or otherwise dip his toes back into the entertainment industry at some point in the future, potentially providing a boost to the 74-year-old’s net worth.

A separate analysis from Forbes also showed a net loss for Trump over the course of his presidency. As of March 18, Forbes had Trump listed at No. 339 on its list of 400 wealthiest Americans, pegging him at an estimated net worth of $2.5 billion, down from $4.5 billion in March 2016.

The two studies make clear that Trump’s presidency proved quite costly in terms of his personal wealth and reputation — but he has bounced back from business losses before, and there’s no reason to believe that he can’t bounce back again this time around.

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20 Responses

  1. It makes you wonder doesn’t it? Trump certainly didn’t become President to become wealthy, he already was wealthy but most President’s when they leave office are wealthy but not Trump, he gave up his pay and never charged the taxpayers for anything. He always stayed at his own country clubs and used his own golf courses. Trump was not a selfish person because this is not something a selfish person would do. Trump was the best thing that happened to this country in a very long time and the way he was treated was down right wrong and sometimes criminal but he kept working for the American people. He didn’t make any deals unless it put America 1st. Biden makes deals that puts American last.

    1. Yes, I agree 100 %. I have never been into politics, never a demonrat or Republican thug. Donald Trump is the first president for all people, he is not owned by Liberals or Republicans. Both parties are a disgrace, treason is just the beginning.

    2. Thank you, April for telling it like it truly is!!! President was the BEST President we ever had, and I am rooting for his Come-BACK in 2024! I already have the Flag ready!!! YES! everything you said in your comment is CORRECT and I will support HIM, HIS WIFE and HIS FAMILY! We were Warned, too bad some of the Republicans let it HAPPEN. Praying for Pres. Trump’s RETURN!!! We sure as “HELL” will need him back! our Country is being ruined by the Disgusting, Obnoxious, PHONY Democrats the most Corrupt Administration in American History!!! They couldn’t care less about the USA and they Prove it Everyday!!!

    3. As I watched all the events unfold in the undoing of Donald J. Trump, I got sick. I had the worst last three months I can remember. Everything you say above is true, and more. If we cannot get Trump back, 2016-20 will NEVER come again, and we might as well say goodbye to this era. I’m hoping he will come back. I try to always pray for the will of our Father in Heaven, and have bowed before His throne of grace many times about our country. I am a fierce Bible reader and pray we have more time to right things in the USA. Thank you for your input friend. I hope you and many others will read this and join in prayer daily for Elohims’ will to be done.

  2. I totally agree with you April. Love what Trump did for our country and it’s citizens. The other side of the coin is that Biden is doing everything he can to tear down our country and it’s government.

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  4. April, very true, but I would change your sentence about joe, he not only puts America last, he plain out puts it at risk, just like his former boss did…..

  5. Will probably be a close call for Pres. Trump, but think with careful planning, he will manage to get by. Just don’t lock horns with Biden…..that will just bog/drag you down to his level, where there is nothing to be gained. Just stay on the issues of OPPORTUNITY!

  6. I absolutely agree with all of the above.
    Donald Trump is honest and a busness man. He knows how to run a business.
    The United States is a great big business. A fact most politicians never comprehend.

    1. Everything you said is correct . We are the laughing stocks of the world. We should be ashamed of the way he was treated . WE are very thankful for all he did. . I Will support him for whatever he does .

  7. Donald Trump put everything on the line to free America, all of us and the world from the grip of the evil cabal.

  8. President Trump is the REAL leader of this United States of America !
    I believe that most of the citizens want to have him enter again in 2024!

    At this point, who the hell is running our USA ???????

  9. So what… he lost money. He has enough and will make more. I think he is at the point of his life to just wanting his family around and enjoy golf. He’s taking a break to get pumped up for the final blow!

  10. That is a lot of money to loose. But. President Trump. Is a very smart man when it comes to the economy. An he will make his money back an then some. He will also be part of the Republican Party for years to come. He will make America Great once Again. Get rid of the sewerage that walks the halls of the capital

  11. April, it’s now 3/23/21 and all you said is still true. Hes a genuine patriot so God bless him and his family! He gave freely and took crap for everything he did. Biden has managed to turn it upset everything in 5 weeks.

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