Andrew Cuomo attacks Biden over immigration

Former New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo criticized President Joe Biden over his immigration policies as thousands of migrants have entered New York City.

Cuomo shared the remarks during an interview on WABC’s “Cats at Night Show.”

The attack

“The federal government is primarily responsible. Immigration is a federal issue. It’s not Mayor Adams’s issue,” Cuomo said.

“He should not be paying $1 billion and figuring out where to put them. This should be the federal government that comes in, steps up to the plate, and takes responsibility,” he added.

The blame game

Cuomo also blamed Biden for not spreading out the migrants beyond New York City.

“The state of New York government also has responsibility. New York City is a sanctuary city. New York state is a sanctuary state. Why doesn’t the state come in and say, ‘You know what? We’re going to spread this around — upstate, Long Island. Everybody helps out,’?” Cuomo said.

Cuomo also used the opportunity to promote his own podcast, using the migrant crisis in the city as the backdrop.

The new move to attack Biden over immigration is a major turn for the left, indicating that not all Democrats are happy with the current situation.

The attacks could also be an early part of what some believe will be an attempt to push forward a different candidate for Democrats for president in 2024, though Cuomo is hopefully not considering the option.