Andrew Cuomo gets destroyed for bragging about his disastrous performance

Andrew Cuomo is attacking governors in southern states for their handling of the coronavirus pandemic and bragging about his performance. But why on earth is he bragging?

As National Review’s Kyle Smith points out, “Andrew Cuomo has about as much reason to brag about coronavirus as Lyndon Johnson did about Vietnam.”

Not my fault

Cuomo, despite his mobsteresque bravado, has a decided aversion to taking responsibility for the response of the state that he governs. As Smith notes:

Florida has a larger population than New York State but has registered fewer than one-third as many coronavirus cases. Florida has seen 15 COVID-19 fatalities per 100,000 population; New York, 160. With 46,000 deaths between them, New York and its sibling New Jersey have combined for more fatalities than France, Spain, and Italy.

…he still refuses to admit error for his disastrous March 25 directive, which remained in effect until June 10, to force nursing homes to accept infected people, though he keeps changing his story about who is to blame for the death toll in those facilities. Now it’s all Trump’s fault; now it’s the nursing-home staff.

Now, he’s lecturing red-state governors like Florida’s Ron DeSantis, as case numbers rise in their states. But remember, despite the rising numbers in Florida, the situation there remains much better than in New York, and it would take a lot of tragedy to even get close to the disaster that Cuomo presided over.

Of all people to lecture state governors over their response to the virus, Cuomo is the worst.

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