‘Burn it down’: Antifa, Black Lives Matter activists take to the streets of DC, terrorize restaurant patrons

A mob of Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists took to the streets of Washington, D.C. with a threatening message Saturday night.

Chanting “burn it down,” the leftist mob terrorized restaurant patrons as they marched through the city, the Washington Examiner reported.

Antifa, BLM harass diners

The protesters began marching in the Dupont Circle neighborhood after a rally in the afternoon called the “DC Queer and Trans Black History Month March and Rally,” Fox News reported. The activists waved the red-and-black anti-fascist flag and chanted slogans like “black lives, they matter here” and “if we don’t get it, burn it down.”

One video shows police officers repeatedly warning the mob to “move back” during a struggle after the protesters surrounded people eating dinner outside. Other clips show the protesters marching past the restaurant patrons, chanting, “No KKK, no fascist USA,” and giving unsolicited speeches on intersectional theory, with police forming a barrier.

In other scenes, protesters can be seen shining lights at the cops, taunting police with the middle finger and even shouting at officers to put their masks on. “We are here tonight because black lives matter,” the activists said. “Despite black lives mattering, black people are still dying at the hands of the police paid for by our tax dollars.” No arrests were made Saturday, according to the Washington Examiner.

Fears of political violence

The frightening scenes recall the left-wing riots, vandalism, and harassment that exploded in Washington and cities all across America over the summer, after the death of George Floyd in police custody.

The nation’s capital has been locked down since a riot at the Capitol building in January, which Democrats have universally called an “insurrection” caused by former President Donald Trump. Some 5,000 National Guards troops are remaining through March over an ostensible threat, and the Capitol has been fortified with fencing, reports note.

While Washington looks prepared for a foreign invasion, that appears to be cold comfort for those hoping to enjoy a night out without being harassed by leftist maniacs.

Amid constant warnings about Trump-inspired violence in the media, the scenes of intimidation have left some questioning whether BLM and Antifa were not inciting “insurrection” by calling to burn Washington, D.C. to the ground.

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54 Responses

  1. All ANTIFA Nazi Facist & Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorist need to be hunted down, and terminated on sight… Death to all enemies foreign, domestic & Democrat Paid…

    1. Gee,I wonder if they are going to March on the Capitol with 5000 troops there? I wonder how much support the DemonRats are going to give them? I wonder if the lamstream media will be there capturing this insurection if they do March on the Capitol?

      1. Ands mention of it being caused by Mr. Trump….like they did on the 6th…fools are so messed up they don’t know which end is up! was all stated very clearly that all they are doing is unConstitutional and yet the Dems demand their way jsut like true communists fddo ,,,not taking or listening to anyone elses opinions or word! We are going to have lots of trouble with that lot and it is not going to be very good for America at all. We have to tell them point blank we are NOT having their communist ways in this nation! They mindlessly are demanding that free speech is not allowed …ah yes it is is and we plan to continue using it, no matter what the Dems say!

    2. Why are the Democrats so scared of Trump supporters that have never done anything to Democrats but they think the black lives matter and the antifa is peaceful after all the destruction they have done. If they would investigate it a little more they would find out they were the ones that did the damage at the capitol. They have a vidio of the black lives matter urging them on. They think the antifa and black lives matter are their friends but only as long as they give them every thing they ask for.

    3. Where are the insurrection police on this. These people AOC you should worry about, like you they Turn and eat their own. BLM and Antifa will be coming for you and you will actually be in danger this instead of the made up BS you past ealier

  2. While the congress is busy trying to impeach a president for insurrection, the capital is riddled with people threatening to burn it down. This is the nonsense created by the democrats and their hate for a President that has done more for this country than any president in decades. The march to Washington caused by the democrats not wanting to hear of any voter irregularities in the presidential election ,which there were many, but the democrats have convinced or paid the judiciary branch to ignore it. It was their right to protest but no insurrection was intended and one broken window and someone sitting in Nancy’s chair doesn’t resemble insurrection.

    1. As long as the CDP(Communist Democratic Party) is in charge let them Burn it down. Trump would of never allowed BLM and Antitifa to do what they are doing!! Let the Mayor of Washington DC enjoy the “PEACEFUL demonstrations they bring to her plighted city :))))))))))))

    2. They don’t care about what BLM or antifa are doing they will let them burn still kill and try to scare everyone all that they are going to do is ruin the greatest president we have ever seen before.trump trump trump.he is our president I will always stand by him trump don’t forget that.by the grace of God.

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  4. Well I must say it wouldn’t be much of a loss if they enjoyed success in their endeavor to burn Washington.

  5. Yes, I miss president Trump’s America first agenda and the ways in which he accomplished that for us. Now this thing called Biden is destroying all the good that Trump accomplished one by one. It is going to be the longest 4 years in history.

    1. Not only is it going to be the longest it also is going to be the roughest. Fasten your seat belt Carol it is going to be a trip long remembered but not because it is/was so good but because Biden is going to try to bring America to her knees. Question is can he I say no! Absolutely not!

  6. So—— what will Biden do? Call this a “ peaceful protest”? Why no arrests? Antifa and “black lies matter “are two sides of the same coin! Both are fascist groups that want to destroy our country!

  7. The Congress[democrat side] will PRIASE these Treasonous cowards and communists and give them REWARDS for being BRAVE against “UNARMED, ILL-PREPARED diners ” and tell EVERYONE how WONDERFUL it is for them to “PROTEST PEACEFULLY “.

    1. Yes anyone who could describe the riots and looting that happened during the summer as mostly peaceful demonstrations could certainly see this as peaceful as well.

      1. Let them destroy they got to be working for peloser,schitt,,scummer,Biden and don’t forget rommy.he is scum a split tongue crook who is a liar and a two face he speaks with forked tongue.with Pelosi

  8. Why the administration allows such an obvious destructive group to continue is unbelievable! The obvious is that ANTIFA is out to destroy the USA as we know it and destroy the tenants of the Constitution. Yet it appears the Democrat Party is showing favoritism and deference to this destructive organized force!

    When will someone have the intestinal fortitude to actually do something positive about this destructive organization?

    1. Well, golly gee Phillip,we certainly have enough troops in DC to put this insurection down, why haven’t they?

  9. President Biden , You have hundreds of National Guards in DC how can you let this Happen? Why did you not stop Antifa ? Are you going to let Antifa destroy Washington also ? How long are you going to let this destruction go on ?

  10. What has to be done is a strict enforcement of the law. If the Dems believe that what happened on Jan. 6 was horrible they need to condemn this latest action the same way. Have the troops, national guard & local law enforcement stop these animals.

  11. These twisted groups bring their twisted ideas to the public via violence,& intimidation. The demonrats,& media idolize them for it!
    There’s a huge difference between protesting, & forcing their ideas. They Will NEVER convince me their ways are normal, or moral!

  12. Let these Commie Democrat BLM and Antifa scumbag terrorists destroy as many of the Democrats homes, businesses, cars, etc, as they can. Maybe then the Democratic voters will finally wake up and see that their Democratic party is now the anti-American, anti-citizen, anti-civil rights, Communist party and stop voting for these pure evil lowlife politicians.

  13. It’s not got a damn thing to do with black lives mattering! It has to do with terrorism! That is all they do, terrorize people, burn, loot, and destroy! They are TERRORISTS, and need to be thrown in jail!

    1. It also has to do with anarchy. BLM and ANTIFA want to the police force to be eradicated. Clearly, black lives do not matter to these people. They want the police (any one of them ) to kill a black person (the reason absolutely does not matter), so they can go on their rabid rants and destruction in various cities. It is pathetic.

  14. everybody knows that black lives matter and antifa are real terrorists groups… or what most people like the call the Democra’s Nazi brownshirt… just looked and remember how many of these Democratic leaders supported and praised these terrorists even raising money to bail them out…. Kamala Harris was one of them… and she should be impeached

  15. Antifa and the BLM are nothing but terrorist and war should be declared on them by every one and have no mercy on them at all. They should be destroyed totally and completely. The people of this country needs to do every thing and use every thing they have to eliminate these terrorist out of this country.

    1. I too am a vet with law enforcement experience and I can say I agree with your comment.

      We thought Obama was bad well Biden is going to be many times worse.

  16. After the barbarians burn Washington to the ground, we can move the new capital to an uninhabited patch of ground somewhere in the middle of the country that is more representative of the USA than DC is today and we can make a fresh start for the country.

  17. What’s Antifa and BLM beef now? Trump’s gone, Republican politicians are out of power, the Democrats are destroying America as fast as they can, bless their little hearts. The only thing I can think of is maybe their services are no longer needed and they’re losing their jobs…off the payroll of George Soros and others. Or it could be they’re just bored and want some action. As they say, once animals develop a taste for blood, you’ll never be able to stop them.

  18. Right now, I must admit, it does not appear this country can ever return to normal without force. Ignoring or even just breaking up BLM or Antifa riots (they are not peaceful demonstrations) with no punishment and so forth will not ever convince them to curtail their actions. Personally I believe we are headed toward a civil war. According to what Mike Lindell just uncovered regarding last November’s election (see Absolute Truth) it may not just be United States it appears it could be the world and it also appears China is behind it not Russia. The democrat contrived conspiracy hoax regarding Russia and Trump was just to keep attention off China. However, it is not clear, at least to me, on just how the so called democrats benefit from all this with China involved.

    The Chinese virus was not accidental it was released intentionally upon the world to get Donald Trump out of office and it worked. Democrat Americans fell for it. Now the democrats leadership fears former President Trump so much they are desperately trying to impeach him unconstitutionally in an effort to keep him from ever holding office again. Right now they know if he runs again in 24 he will very likely win and their plans of complete and total control/power over everything here in the US will not succeed. Think this is just conspiracy theory? You wouldn’t when Biden comes after the guns. Which will be very soon.

  19. All I have is a 20 gauge bird gun try to keep the crows out of my garden now I can’t even buy no bird shot Sam this is sad will they take that away from me hope not

  20. Interesting AND UNREPORTED, that blacks are dying at the hands of other blacks far more often than from police action.

  21. Arizona Don I think the Democrats knew exactly what was going on when Covid hit because they helped & they keep helping by spreading new strain of it through out the world!! We have been played big time. Why aren’t the Dems. running for cover with Antifa & BLM in DC coming to get them, because they are behind it just like 1/6/21 that they are blaming Trump for, to keep us all afraid just like all the lock downs & loosing all the Covid shots. When are people going to realize Democrats are not our friends & do not want to make anything better or have any type of unity in the USA. They have sold us to China & they want us to so scared & complacent we’ll do what ever they say. I lived through the 60’s I do not remember rioters ever having the upper hand!

  22. I wonder what would puloci,scummy,a.schitz,and rummy rommi,just to mention a few,would think about drawing a line(figuratively) around dc,DC, setting up a line of sniper veterans 50 yards outside aforementioned line,and drop every b(ad) l(ittle) m(unchkins) and antipanty member that crosses said line after they have terrorized innocents and destroyed the city? And just to “make it all legal”,have a DC law enforcement officer stationed every 100 feet,reading them their Miranda rights through a bullhorn! You know,Karma can be a real bytch sometimes.

  23. Since the commiecrats have usurped power in this country and are in the process of turning us into a 3rd world cesspool, let them burn DC. The swamp deserves whatever happens to them.
    I cant believe that I am saying this, but I hope that the fascists win, and there is nothing but rubble when they finish. The proud history of the country will survive and the historic buildings can be rebuilt, but the downfall of the communist left will be felt for generations to come

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