Antifa, communists, leftist protesters attack and harass conservative conference attendees

Right-leaning individuals gathered in Denver, Colorado recently for the Western Conservative Summit, which was hosted at the Hyatt Regency hotel by Colorado Christian University’s Centennial Institute.

Unfortunately, the conservative gathering was disrupted and marred by the presence of radical leftist protesters, including self-proclaimed communists, members of Antifa, and members of Black Lives Matter (BLM), the Washington Examiner reported.

Conservatives harassed and attacked

The situation spiraled out of hand before the conference even started on Thursday, as evidenced by a video shared online by Washington Examiner reporter Emily Brooks. The startling footage showed a purported attendee’s phone smacked out of his hands before he was pummeled by the angrily shouting leftist mob.

Brooks later shared images of a flyer that was passed around by the Denver Communists that dehumanized and maligned the conservative attendees as “fascists,” “Nazi scum,” and “worms” that the group claimed needed to be “demoralized and isolated,” and sent “back into their holes.”

Police officers step in

There was no mistaking the intent of the leftist counter-protest to the conservative conference, either by way of their actions in the street outside of the hotel or their clearly stated plans that were coordinated and organized on Facebook and other social media platforms.

However, while Big Tech seemingly ignored the obvious plots to physically, and violently — if necessary — disrupt the political gathering, local police did not, and The Blaze reporter Elijah Schaffer showed his followers how law enforcement officers kept the disruptive behavior and violent confrontations from spiraling out of control.

That said, the law enforcement presence didn’t prevent the leftists from incessantly harassing the conservative attendees, as they beat on the windows of the hotel and flipped off guests inside the building. At one point, they entered the lobby to chant and shout at the conservative guests.

Violently silencing their opponents

Another incident later in the evening that was filmed by Schaffer and later shared by conservative journalist Andy Ngo featured a small group of leftist protesters harassing and physically assaulting several conference attendees who had stepped outside. The angry protesters cursed at and pushed one of them in an obvious bid to provoke a response that would have likely resulted in an escalation of violence.

This is, unfortunately, par for the course for the past five years for conservatives and supporters of former President Donald Trump simply expressing their rights of free speech and freedom of assembly, only to be harassed, shouted down, and even violently assaulted by leftists bent on silencing and demonizing their ideological opponents.

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