AOC accused of antisemitism over tweet

According to Fox News, New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is facing accusation of antisemitism over a tweet she put out this week. 

AOC claims pro-Israel group is a threat to democracy

Her remarks came in response to another tweet from reporter Jacob Rubashkin, who noted that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is working to defeat Democratic Pennsylvania House candidate Summer Lee.

Rubashkin pointed to a new Federal Election Commission FCC filing which showed that the AIPAC-linked super PAC United Democracy Project recently spent $78,683 on a direct mail campaign aimed at the candidate.

Lee is running in Pennsylvania’s  12th Congressional District against Republican Mike Doyle. The seat is currently held by a Democratic representative who is also named Mike Doyle and set to retire.

Fox News pointed out that Lee was endorsed by the left-wing Justice Democrats as well as by Ocasio-Cortez herself. She alleged that AIPAC is working for the “further destabilization of US democracy.”

Jewish organization says AOC has shown “her true colors”

Liora Rez serves as executive director of the group Stop Antisemitism, and she accused Ocasio-Cortez having a bigoted agenda.

“The thinly veiled intent behind AOC’s tweet to vilify a Jewish organization is crystal clear and further contributes to the vilification of American Jews,” Rez told Fox News.

“AOC’s intentional isolation of AIPAC and her failure to call out the numerous bipartisan and left-leaning groups working to keep Justice Democrat candidate Summer Lee out of office shows her true colors,” Rez went on to complain.

Fox News noted that Ocasio-Cortez was not alone in going after AIPAC, as Justice Democrats spokesperson Usamah Andrabi did so as well.