AOC confronted by left-wing protesters during event

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was first elected in 2018 as a hard-left Democrat. However, recent video footage suggests that some of Ocasio-Cortez’s left-wing supporters are beginning to turn on her.   

“Tulsi Gabbard has shown guts, where you have shown cowardice”

According to Red State, the congresswoman was speaking at a New York City high school on Wednesday when some in the audience began shouting at her.

The angry attendees professed to have voted for Ocasio-Cortez in the past but claimed to be enraged by her support of the war in Ukraine.

“Tulsi Gabbard has shown guts, where you have shown cowardice,” one of the individuals could be heard shouting at the Democratic lawmaker.

“I believed in you and you became the very thing you sought to fight against,” he complained, adding,  “You are the establishment.”

He then went on to contend that Ocasio-Cortez’s policies would lead the world to a nuclear conflict with Russia, declaring, “This is the only thing that matters.”

For her part, the New York Democrat complained that her critics were being “rude.” Yet as one anti-war Twitter account pointed out, Ocasio-Cortez has herself advocated making opponents feel “uncomfortable.”

Tulsi Gabbard calls Democratic Party “an elitist cabal of warmongers”

As noted, one of the protesters referenced former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who announced last week that she was leaving the Democratic Party in part because of its pro-war stance.

“I can no longer remain in today’s Democratic Party that is now under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue & stoke anti-white racism,” Gabbard tweeted.