AOC, Liz Warren push to deputize VA hospitals after Roe, set up ‘abortion tents’ on federal lands

With Roe V. Wade relegated to history’s trash bin, Democrats are grasping at straws to find new ways to override the will of the people and continue forcing radical abortion politics on the entire country.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Ny.) and Elizabeth Warren (Ma.) are among those pushing President Biden to open abortion clinics or even abortion “tents” on federal lands in red states.

Democrats push for abortion sanctuaries

The idea is to sidestep abortion bans by converting federal enclaves such as VA hospitals into abortion centers. Warren even suggested putting up abortion “tents” at the edges of national parks. There is no indication she was joking.

“They could put up tents, have trained personnel — and be there to help people who need it,” Warren said. “It’s time to declare a medical emergency.”

Warren’s idea is crazy on its face, but it’s not entirely clear that this scheme is legally workable, as Red States notes, since the line between federal and state jurisdiction on federal enclaves is fuzzy. The New York Times reports that Biden officials see the abortion sanctuary idea as “extremely risky.”

Democrats would first have to kill the Hyde Amendment, a long-standing compromise that bars federal tax dollars from paying for abortions.

President Biden had long supported the Hyde Amendment before reversing under pressure from the left.

Grasping at straws

Roe squelched debate on abortion for fifty years, and now Democrats want to keep Roe alive by forcing taxpayers to foot the bill?

It’s hard to see Democrats winning much favor with that approach, especially with voters already rejecting the party’s radical turn to the hard left.

At any rate, aren’t VA hospitals supposed to provide care for….veterans? Or is any woman subjected to a “forced birth” now a casualty of war, in AOC’s book? What about “pregnant people?” Do they still count?

Democrats may not like it, but there’s not much Biden can do to force states to recognize a constitutional “right” that, as the Supreme Court finally recognized, does not exist.

It seems likely that AOC and Warren know this and are just doing what they can to placate the rage of the liberal base — which is why they’re making a lot of noise about killing the filibuster, packing the court, “abortion tents,” and other nutty, implausible proposals that won’t go anywhere.

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