Archbishop of San Francisco condemns Catholic public figures who promote abortion

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) often boasts of being a “prayerful” person with deep Catholic faith, yet she consistently promotes and advocates what is clearly taught by the Church to be a moral evil — abortion.

On Monday, the archbishop of San Francisco, Rev. Salvatore J. Cordileone, released a letter condemning this sort of hypocrisy and contending that Catholic public figures who promote abortion should not receive the Holy Communion, The Hill reported.

“Those who reject the teaching of the Church on the sanctity of human life and those who do not seek to live in accordance with that teaching should not receive the Eucharist,” Cordileone wrote.

“Persistent rejection of Catholic teaching”

“Abortion is the axe laid to the roots of the tree of human rights,” he continued, noting that “when our culture encourages the violation of life at its youngest and most vulnerable condition, other ethical norms cannot stand for long.”

“The Church’s teaching and discipline on worthiness to receive Holy Communion has been consistent throughout her history, going back to the very beginning,” he added.

Although Cordileone acknowledged that the decision regarding whether or not to receive Holy Communion is typically a “private matter,” there are exceptions including “occasions when those in public life violate the boundaries of justifiable cooperation.”

“In the case of public figures who profess to be Catholic and promote abortion, we are not dealing with a sin committed in human weakness or a moral lapse: this is a matter of persistent, obdurate, and public rejection of Catholic teaching,” he wrote.

The Hill pointed out that Cordileone did not single out the House speaker by name and the archbishop added an addendum to his statement clarifying that it was not aimed at “specific individuals.”

Pelosi: Abortion is “sacred ground”

Pelosi has made a number of statements over the years that fly in the face of Church teaching regarding abortion.

During a news conference in 2013, she told reporters that “as a practicing and respectful Catholic” she considered legal abortion to be “sacred ground.”

More recently, Pelosi disparaged Catholics who voted for Donald Trump because of his pro-life stance, telling former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that they were “willing to sell the whole democracy down the river for that one issue.”

Those remarks brought a sharp rebuke from Cordileone, who said Pelosi was speaking “in direct contradiction to a fundamental human right that Catholic teaching has consistently championed for 2,000 years.”

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20 Responses

  1. Thank God for M. Cordileone!! He needed to excommunicate Pelosi but God will take care of that!!!

    1. The Democrats are such phonies and hypocrites! Pelosi and Biden are supposedly “devout” Catholics, and yet abortion is fine with them!

    2. When will Pope Francis speak out he says we need to repent to mother Earth, I only repent to Father God. Pope Francis doesn’t speak out against Abortion why is he silent on the 5th commandment thou Shalt not Murder

    3. Let’s not forget the other hypocrite Joe Biden. He deserves along with Pelosi to be excommunicated.

  2. Pelosi is everything that is cruel, evil, and Satanic in this world. The WITCH should be rxcmunicated, then indicted, charged, and executed as a witch and a Demon(crat)

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  4. To take the life of an unborn fetus is simply murder.In most cases the person will grieve over a decision to abort their child afterwords.We can only pray for forgiveness From God our creator of life.

    1. The “life” of every human being is sacred as the creation of God, and is of infinite value, because He created each person, including the unborn children.
      What is man, that you are mindful of Him? and the Son of man, that you visit him? God became man and went to Calvary in order to redeem fallen humanity. the price that was paid for that redemption, proclaims to us the worth of man, in fact, is God’s highest [ Creation ].

  5. This is not rocket science. It’s plain and simple. Every day of their lives Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters just to name a few commit crimes against humanity and the United States by advocating #1 abortion and #2 their anti-American rhetoric. I’m not the only American citizen who is appalled by these ‘frauds’. Millions of Americans are and wonder how people of such low character can hold the power they do when in actuality they belong behind bars.
    Question is, will the Dept of Justice ever do its job?

    1. All who voted for these democratic clowns have blood on their hands for supporting their pro abortion values!!

  6. Wow. With out abortion, how else will the democrats control the black population. Truth is they are the racist, and the black politicians that support them sold their own people out for the money.
    Sharpton, Waters, Clyburn the mayor of Atlanta, Chicago are all more racist than the majority of white Americans. These very people have caused more harm to African Americans than any KKK’r. It was the democrats who were the Klansmen to begin with.

  7. These are people of power who publicly state in every breath they are above the Law and they are against our nation.

  8. It’s great to hear the condemnation of a Bishop against abortion, but it will mean a lot more when they actually refuse Communion to Palosi and Biden, as well as other Catholic Democrats who do the same. It is not just abortion, but marriage between a man & woman and adoption only by a marriage between a man & woman. Many of these issues are completely ignored by “Catholic” legislators. Actually, they should be excommunicated, since they are giving mixed messages to those that practice their Catholic faith.

  9. It’s about time someone STOOD FOR GOD’S WORD! I was surprised when Nancy told elected officials to get on their knees to pray for George Floyd while she was leading them. She believes in killing a baby! Liar also!

  10. Rx-communicate her publicly since so many dumb democrats won’t get the message- abortion is murder! If u don’t want kids, either abstain or use available contraceptives, stupid! Murder is what it is, so get it?

  11. Just look at BLM when the vast majority of babies being slaughtered are black
    Yet they support the Democrats slaughter
    Apparently black babies lives don’t matter to them
    And really look at how many the BLM leaders are becoming rich off of this crap
    Are you don’t hear one word against Libya we can still buy a black man for $400 as a slave

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