Argentinian politician Ruben Hugo Marin dies at age 89

 January 28, 2024

Argentinians this weekend are in mourning as they mark the death of former four-time La Pampa governor Ruben Hugo Marin, who also served as a national deputy and also as a senator in the country's government, according to South American media outlet, La Arena.

Reports indicate that Marin died at the Faerac Clinic at the age of 89 following hospitalization for a case of pneumonia.

Prominent role in Argentinian politics remembered

The outlet declared Marin to have been among the most noteworthy proponents of Peronism in Argentinian national politics.

A lawyer by training and a graduate of the National University of La Plata, Marin was a member of the country's Justicialist Party and enjoyed a long and varied career in a range of governmental roles.

Back in 1973, Marin was the running mate of gubernatorial candidate Aquiles Regazzoli, and he ultimately spent the next three years as vice governor of the La Pampa province.

In 1983, Marin went on to secure election as governor a role he held until 1987.

It was then that he moved on to a position in the Argentine Chamber of Deputies, before rising to the Senate just two years later, though that was by no means the end of his career in politics, as he later saw a return to the governor's role as well as to the Senate over the course of the next two decades.

Celebrated figure in the Peronist ranks

As Al Arena notes, Marin was born in the Argentinian town of Trenel in 1934, and his legacy there clearly remains a strong one.

The politician's name and associated tributes can be seen in many locations throughout the city in a range of public spaces.

Honors for Marin in his hometown include ceremonial markers at the house where his mother resided, a building that was ultimately transformed into a museum.

Expressions of gratitude in wake of death

According to Pagina 12, Marin's death has prompted a series of public pronouncements, including those from the current governor of Pampas, Sergio Ziliotto.

Ziliotto announced Marin's passing on X and praised the late politician's background as “governor, deputy and national senator, president of the Justicialist Party, but fundamentally a leader.”

Expressing gratitude for Marin's voluminous work over the decades, Ziliotto acknowledged what he described as “his militancy, his legacy and the defense of La Pampa.

“Thank you Ruben for teaching us to love, fight and defend Peronism! Farewell, comrade,” he added, surely echoing the sentiments of many Argentinians who have been aligned with the pair's particular brand of politics over the years.

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